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    DP Shiny Discussion and FAQ [Read all of first post if you don't want an infraction]

    i just randomly caught a shiny Gyarados 2 days ago rash nature, i plan on making it a mixed sweeper just for fun lol
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    D/P EV Guide & Discussion V3

    ok so if i got my max EVs, then i can battle random pokemon gaining experience without worrying about messing up my EV spread?
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    D/P EV Guide & Discussion V3

    ok i got 2 questions, if i already finished my ev training, how would i level it up besides rare candies and day care?(i have no rare candys and i dont remember if the day care will evolve your pokemon or not.) and lets say im battling gastrodons that give 2 hp well igot my driftfloon in...
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    Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

    do you really have to ask that question lol yes
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    D/P EV Guide & Discussion V3

    i have a question, am i EV training right? i attached the power bracer to my aerodactyal and i battle garyados 42 times because 252/6=42 and garayados gives off 2 each time so attached with power bracer i would get 6. well then i atached the power anklet and battled the 6*magikarp trainer and i...
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    do you have any other shinys?

    do you have any other shinys?
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    How far do you go when training a team (IVs EVs Natures)

    Ev,nature,and movesets, i dont ussualy train them all to level 100 too long.
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    How Old Is TOO Old TO Play Pokemon?

    never lol, its a great hobbie.
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    The Nicknaming Thread

    i got a couple, Infernape: God's Wish Absol(Currently EVtraining): ZombieGear ...may change. Ratatta: Sugermouse Swellow: Moobles other infernape: Wu-Tang
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    What did you evolve your eevee into in XD?

    Flaeron on my first playthrough, then on my second i ended up with Vaporeon.
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    Battle Island Buildings?

    does anyone have the link to the video?
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    im just wondering,but lets say that my espeon got adament/modest nature, would snycronize(sp?) affect the shadow pokemon natures?
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    ive seen it i put it on hold for now, but i like it.
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    Naruto and Boruto Discussion Thread

    Pein just might try to combine the powers of the tailed beast to make a ulitimate one, or when he has them all tobi will get alot of his power back.
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    Trainer Card

    wrong section bub
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    what did you name your characters in D/P?

    Diamond:Rory Rival:Clint Peral: Me:Orodai Rival:Cyrus
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    666 Satan/O-Parts Hunter

    yea, so what is your opionin of 666 satan?
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    Which 4th gen evolution shocked you most?

    probopass and togekiss
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    Legendary Beasts = Tremendous Difficulty

    just use do what yo shee said i do that when i restart the game and go looking for the 3 dogs.Also, just be paient they will come sooner or later.