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    Pikashipping (Ash x Pikachu) General Discussion

    Hey peepssss! Don't let this thread die! I'm a HUGE Pikashipper and need me someones to fangirl with! ;D
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    Hi again~! Who would understand Ash and Pikachu's love first? Well, I'm thinking that it'd have to be someone Ash has traveled with because they could truly gauge the relationship and closeness that Ash and Pikachu share. Someone that had been there to see all the close calls and struggles to...
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    I felt the same way, like I was the only one in the world who liked it~! I remember when finding Ash/Pikachu stuff was damn near impossible~! But now, now fans are coming out of the woodwork to show their support, and I adore it, wheee~! They're my absolute favorite Pokemon shipping, hands down...
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    Hi, I'm Seed, and I'm new! Oh, I love Pikashipping! They're just made for each other! I think they'd have to hide it from their friends, though, ha! At least until they could be absolutely positive there would be no ramifications! Its a relationship that would need a lot of tending to and...