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    Is there a kind person..

    The union room isn't wifi. It's DS to DS only.
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    sry for asking ut...

    Hehe, its WISHMKR, not WISHMRK. I believe the mew from toys R us is the date it was given out
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    The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    Man, thats a tough decision, considering I gave up hacking a long time ago =/
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    The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    I might try for another undetermined shiny after I'm done EV training my Skarmory. Is it considered hacking if I use an AR to get to southern island but I SR and catch the latias legit?
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    The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    Sigh, no answers :( But to be on topic, no shinys yet. I'm hoping to find one whilst EV training
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    The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    So does the Flame Body/Magma armor make eggs hatch faster in emerald too or only in D/P?
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    The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    Wait, Is that Magma Armor/Flame body thing where it cuts down eggs steps to hatch in emerald? I thought it was only in D/P! Also, why does it make them hatch faster?
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    What is the difference?

    Well, 3rd gen right now. I'm EV training
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    What is the difference?

    Kay, Thanks. Now I need to know, whats a regular attack move and a special attack move?
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    What is the difference?

    Whats the difference between attack and special attack and defense and special defense?
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    I need help with Toxic

    Okay, i think i accidentally sold the TM and now I need to teach it to a shuckle I'm EV training. Anybody know how I can aquire another one or teach it to shuckle another way?
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    Creepiest pokemon...

    Wait a minute...That thing on Lunatone...Thats a beak?! I thought that was a nose!! This completely changes how he looks now :(
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    Who has Pokerus Thread!

    I caught it in the very beginning of my game without trying to, I think it was the first time I had got it legit. And since my internal battery is dead on my ruby, its permanent on there :)
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    The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    that would suck, because you'd have to watch the TV, go out an find him, if hes not shiny, reset. Wait, actually, I think he's preset at the beggining of the game
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    The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    I started breeding for a new target last night: A Shiny Mudkip. Although I didn't get many done since it was Easter, so i stopped at 20 eggs last night.
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    The Magic Number

    In the original R/B/Y eevee has 3 choices of evolution
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    The Shiny Pokemon Face-Off! Ooh, Shiny!

    Normal raticate...An orange rat looks...wierd...
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    ledgenarys vs each other

    Dialga, he'd just go back in time and beat the legend's moms so hard that the legends would be born prematurely and then he'd kill them, or let them live while being physically and mentally deformed for the rest of eternity. =/
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    Favorite Pokemon cries

    Vulpix, Ninetails, Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff. Oh, and from the D/P Demo I played: Mime Jr., Kricketot, and Parchirisu