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    Glitch Discussion Thread

    I'm pretty sure the newest patch (1.1.1) broke my game. I haven't seen a single Pokemon since it updated, stops just spin without giving me any items, and the egg in my incubator is actually un-hatching! Yesterday it said I had walked 2.4k of the 5k needed, now I've only gone 0.2k... Gyms...
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    Pokemon occurence rate by area type

    I live in the southern part of Alberta, in a city. The area around town is mostly prairie and grain fields. Most of the time when I play Go, I'm walking around one of a few lakes in town. Currently level 10. I've got that 3-step bug, so I don't generally pay much attention to what is...
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    Do rarer pokemon appear at higher levels?

    That's what I'm finding as well. The other day I was running around finding nothing besides pidgey and rattata, until someone used a lure nearby. I headed over there, and promptly found a Tauros, Dugtrio, Persian, and Hitmonchan.
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    Egg hatching experiences: What hatched from you egg?

    Just hatched my first 10k egg today. Magmar. Also hatched a Weedle from 2k. for all you guys are complaining about them, it's still the first Weedle I've seen (and only one Caterpie as well), so hey, Pokedex entry!
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    Egg hatching experiences: What hatched from you egg?

    So far I've hatched a bunch of Rattatas and Pidgeys and 2 magicarp from 2k eggs, and one each of vulpix, jugglypuff, voltorb, and psyduck from 5ks. I haven't found a 10k yet.
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    Wonder Trade Stories

    The very first time I tried wonder trade, I got a Lv 100 Latias that knew Charm and Heal Pulse, and had the other two attack slots empty. Other than that, the only other interesting ones were a Misdreavus shortly after I started the game, which I have been breeding to put on GTS to pick up the...