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    TV series or the games?

    The game was first. It came out in 1996. The Anime came out in 1997.
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    Kingdom Hearts

    I just reread the Manga and I am re-playing Kingdom Hearts. I think the manga was a bit rushed, and I don't like how the Chapters end in the middle of scenes.
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    pokemon in the anime which get on your nerves.

    Guess you havn't seen the episode... Right? Charizard was everything BUT thrashed. IMO Charizard is the real powerhouse. Early Kanto, Charmander only lost one fight, against a Gloom. AFTER he had beaten a Tangela. Bulbasaur had just been thrashed by the same Tangela and not have scored one...
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    PokeSpecial Diamond and Pearl Speculation Thread.

    I think the whole Special abilities for the main trainers disappeared in Gold/Silver... We have two battlers and a gym-leader battler... It'd be nice to see Pearl do contests but have a more boyish personality, unlike Ruby.
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    Jessie's next Pokemon

    Why do we have to reply to your post? There are about 50 other posts in this thread and we may want to reply to them. I think that she might get Doraphin, most of her Pokemon are purple or black, so it suits her.
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    Why is it called stadium 2 in japan?

    Sorry if this is off-topic, but what were the usable Pokemon? And, I'm pretty sure the 3rd Stadium's original name was Pokemon Stadium GS.
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    Stealing Bonsly?

    Can't you see it's stats while doing Battle Bingo? If you can, wouldn't that just be you checking its stats?
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    Wild Pokemon

    I think it's just luck. Isn't there a percentage of the chances of facing a wild Pokemon in a certain area?
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    What Makes A Pokemon Master?

    A true Pokemon master... Someone who can beat the Elite Four, that is what's a Pokemon trainer's goal, is it not? OR Someone who trains Bulbasaur or his evos. Heh, I'm biased.
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    Worst Pokemon Ever Face-Off

    I hate Jynx and Spheal is so... Cute! <3 Plus, Spheal evolves into Walrien, which is cool. ;363;>>>>>>>;124;
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    Male and Females: Specifically Using Any?

    Uh, Wrong. Gardievoir can still be male. It's just that it has a Male-only evo. I still cna't see differences in most Pokemon... Would someone be kind enough to post them up?
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    A hidden pokemon

    He was being sarcastic. Vegeta said that it was on the wrong board when this is actulaay the right board. He means PS2 as in Pokemon Stadium 2, not Playstation 2.
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    PokeSpecial Diamond and Pearl Speculation Thread.

    Please, no... Diamond will be a loner while Pearl and the rival hit it off together! :P THAT'S when we can all laugh at Diamond!
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    pokemon in the anime which get on your nerves.

    Squirtle... Ash's one is okay, it sometimes gets on my nerves a bit but May's Squirtle... RRRAGH!! I hate it! It's little 'cute' act... Why the heck does Snorunt need to learn Ice Beam by itself but this stupid little turtle knows it without even training to learn it?
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    Official "I died, I need help!" Thread ***READ 1ST POST***

    Ugh, I got saved but died again. Fiery Plains A Ranked Mission Password: R0?6X(female)RS1!3??!RP?4 ?R?????FCK?F??JHH? ??T?F9R??61??47J+(female) Please save me! ;001;
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    Male and Females: Specifically Using Any?

    Ancient law tells me to only have boy Gardievoir, Milotic, Rosielia, Wigglytuff, Clefable, Delcatty, Bellossom and Mimiroru. You all know it's true! :P EDIT: Machamp, on the other hand, must be a girl.
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    is bayleff mad at ash

    Why? Because if they had a Grass type like Bayleef it might suck some of the glory out of Sceptile, and the writers disn't want that. I would have liked Bayleef in BF. imo Bulbasaur, Bayleef, Naetle>>> Sceptile
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    Question About Colosseum :)

    I don't think you need them all in your game, just purified, but I don't know if I'm right. Colonges are bought at the Agate Villange Mart, you need to have been given the Colonge case from a trainer in Agate Village.
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    Official "I died, I need help!" Thread ***READ 1ST POST***

    I died in the Fiery Plains on 20th Floor. Could someone please save me? A Ranked Mission Password: R5?6+(female)RY1!3??6-P?4 ?R????4F-...?F??TJH? ??T?FCR??61??47J+(female) Please help me- I don't want to lose all my items! EDIT: SAVED!
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    I recruited him on my 2nd try without Friend Ribbons today. I got told that you need to be alone to recruit them, I'm not sure if that's true. I was on Lvl. 36, Bulbasaur.