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    Diglett, and Poliwag

    ;050; Was I the only one who thought diglett's nose looked like a mouth kind of like a :o expression? I also though poliwag's whirl was his mouth too...again until recently..
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    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

    Im not giving up the fossils and location specific evos! Please find out soon! :D
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    Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver New Sprite Discussion

    do pokemon retain shinyness outside?
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    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

    can you evolve a sinnoh fossil in HG/SS if you trade it over as a hold item?
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    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

    im only mad that location specifics arent available but it might be a matter of time that they find the hidden location that lets these pokemon evolve.... Im also doubting the sinnoh fossils maybe some guy gives them to you? hmmm...idk..if you trade a sinnoh pokemon holding a sinnoh fossil can...
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    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

    I think its really weird that lunatone is obtainable and solrock isnt I hope they find solrock in the game...
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    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

    Im glad kanto gym leadersare an actual challenge now
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    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the vid :) Where do you catch ghost pokemon? Any news on the seemingly sinnoh exclusive evos?
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    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

    Any pics of erikas gym? Just curious
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    What do you want to see in Serebii's Coverage after Release?

    I want to see maps of the towns and a page exclusive to the difference between G/S vs HG/SS I also want to see updated pokedex to account for Platinum. and basically it..I really want to know what is different down to the last detail like prizes for the bug catching contest
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    What old features do you want to stay in HGSS?

    I want to see a remake of pokemon stadium with mini games...DS Tower (instead of gb tower) battles, trading, storage and more with super cool graphics on the wii to go with this great game. This would rock!! A safari zone that is opened in kanto! Access to the sevii islands..a non exploded...
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    What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

    I dont want to see a dead Kanto Do not explode cinnabar island and dont close the safari zone I want the same access to kanto as in LG/FR
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    Virtual Magic Kingdom

    vmk.com Vmk is a disney game that I really like anyone play it? Well if any of you have or do play it just a fyi - it will be closing on may 21, which has made me and many people very sad if you could help by signing some online petitions that would be nice... Anyways anyone play vmk...
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    Quick Question..:)

    I hope your right :) Thanks :)
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    Most expected/least expected Pokemon?

    i was expecting more castform forms and a game where you could go to all regions.. But here are the pokemon I was almost sure would come out Leafeon Glaceon Happiny porygon - Z I wanted to see a executor evo and a jynx evo..
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    Quick Question..:)

    Ok please dont get mad at me for asking because ive seen lots of people get yelled at for not going to a certain thread or something and I searched before I asked but here is my question.. In Dp If you see a pokemon through a wifi battle or any multiplayer battle does that pokemon get added...
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    Most Wanted Pokemon

    For me I just want to get all the ones you can get from events because its so easy to catch them all. just that the best are in events which really stinks :( However, I don't think it will be a big problem since there is wifi and tons of people with gameshark
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    Rare Pokemon will cease to exist...

    1) Not Everyone has Wi-fi 2) Who cares? Its just a game! 3) Some pokemon will still be rare because some games are starting to become immune to gameshark. 4) Your data will probably get deleted at some point because that happens to me with every single pokemon game i've had. 5) Its not like...
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    Who should have gotten an evolution in the 4th gen?

    Castform should have more forms and evee should get a dragon and a flying form. Corsola should have a baby evo Plusle and Minun should have also gotten an evo I think there was so much more potential for these new games but apperantly nintendo doesn't have any creativity maybe they...
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    Stoping Sharked and ARed pokemon from getting on wifi

    Here is what I now about current games with illegal rules.. If you use gameshark to get an aurura ticket and go to birth island get deoxys and get it shiny or w/e and put it on xd it wont get mad at you.. however if you get a deoxy's in the wild I know some games get mad at you..My friend tried...