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    Favorite R/B/Y BGM?

    My favorite would have to be the credits theme. It just sounds really nice to end the game.
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    Water Types: Platonic ideal or red herring?

    I honestly like Luvdisc the best out of the Hoenn water types. I think a water type should just look like a water type,
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    Welcome to Serebii!
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    Does Queenly Majesty ignore Protect?
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    What is your favorite feature of gen 5?

    PWT, of course! I loved battling all of the Gym Leaders and Champions of the previous games. Too bad the Elite4 members cannot be challenged (Lorelei)
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    U.S. Politics: The Biggest Trade in WNBA History

    Except we're not in a time period where Jewish people are sent to be gassed :/
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    U.S. Politics: The Biggest Trade in WNBA History

    I don't see anyone talking about life threatening issues.
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    U.S. Politics: The Biggest Trade in WNBA History

    By small I mean things like Snorlax said; getting offended over school uniforms, offended over air conditioners etc. And before you say it, I understand not everyone is offended by these issues.
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    U.S. Politics: The Biggest Trade in WNBA History

    I agree, that was ignorant of me to generalize. But still, getting offended by many small things is one of the many problems of America. This is also some nice generalization.
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    Hate speech laws - It is good for Nazis to be terrified

    There will always be a connection between the First Amendment and hate speech. Being able to say whatever you want is great, but it also allows foul language. Freedom of speech = freedom to be rude. Personally I don't think Hate Speech laws should be enacted here. Hate speech is subjective.
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    U.S. Politics: The Biggest Trade in WNBA History

    It's sad to see how divisive Politics is.
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    Which Games Have Your Favourite...

    Pokémon: RBY, Wigglytuff Starters: GSC, Chikorita Legendaries: XY, Xerneas Region: GSC, Johto Protagonists: SM Rival: DPPT, Barry Professor: GSC, Elm Gym Leaders: BW, Lenora Elite Four: BW, Shauntal Champion: DP, Cynthia Evil Team/s: RBY/GSC, Team Rocket Plot: BW Music: DP, Pokemon...
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    Animals that aren't Pokemon yet V2

    The Opabina still isn't a Pokemon, unfortunately. An elephant-like creature with the Opabina's mouth as it's trunk would be an amazing basis for a Pokemon.
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    U.S. Politics: The Biggest Trade in WNBA History

    Please do not bash people for their religious views, it's very arbitrary.
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    U.S. Politics: The Biggest Trade in WNBA History

    They may not be the same, but they have similar effects on people and society as a whole, as ThePokemonMaster has already stated.
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    U.S. Politics: The Biggest Trade in WNBA History

    Well yes, it's very sad that the media has "enslaved" (for lack of a better word) people's minds with propaganda. I just wish people would fact check whatever they read. And the thing about the colleges is sad, as well. They create "safe zones" for adults that can't handle the election not...
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    What was your reaction to your first shiny?

    My first shiny (excluding Gyarados), that I actually found was a Wooper in HG/SS. It was a very long time ago, and I ran out of Pokeballs to catch it. The first shiny I caught was a Horsea in XY. I was overly excited to actually have a shiny Pokemon, and now the Horsea is a Kingdra.
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    U.S. Politics: The Biggest Trade in WNBA History

    Yes, going by the signs of the apocalypse from the Bible, we seem to be as close as ever to the apocalypse. Non distinguishable seasons, decaying society, drugs, basically everything. I also agree with your statement on celebrities being corrupt.
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    What Are You Collecting?

    Definitely plushies. They are so cute and soft!
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    Favorite R/B/Y location?

    I would love to live in Fuchsia city, it's close to the "ocean" and it's also the prettiest, going by G/S/C/HG/SS graphics.