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    Wonder Trade Stories

    I have received multiple hidden ability pokes. A one flawless shiny poke. I also gotten many to fill my dex. I usually gotten something I want off of wonder trade. I try to give back to. I'll usually wonder trade away non perfect pokes when trying to breed for competition
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    Hello everyone

    My name is Adrian. I made a brief cameo here couples years ago and now I am returning. I am a competitive battler again. I had to take a break from it all and sold everything. I had everything completed and all that. Dont really regret it other than all my trade baits are gone but its all...
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    have the current game mechanics made competitive play less fun?

    I think the current mechanics make it more fun IMO. Makes me think about my moves carefully and what moves it should have
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    Has anyone here ever been Anti-Pokemon before?

    I never hated pokemon. Even when other kids were hating on it and it wasnt cool. I just kept it to myself.
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    Team Building Help Thread

    This is the team I am running for this weekends event and they are doing poorly IMO, All though If I am not winning 3 of 4 times I consider less then that poor. This team is tailwinded. What do I need to fix besides tornadus? I am sick of losing. Iv in order of Hp, atk, def, Sp.A, Sp.D, Spd...
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    Ask a Question Thread - READ FIRST POST

    Is there a thread for double battles help?
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    Join Avenue!

    I have all my shops dedicated to EV training and hatching eggs
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    2013 International Challenge June (Official Play! Pokemon Wi-Fi Tournament)

    Does anyone know what are the rules about Perish song? About who wins or loses?
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    Your win/lose ratio?

    Mine winds up going ok to well or just REALLY bad. I am over all 146-148 then at the most recent I was offically 50-10 which helped, However I tend to be .500 when on wi-fi