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    Aipom & Circumstance! (459)

    Nice Episode
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    Do you have any Hidden Ability Starters? I'm looking for some. And have a HA charmander for 1.
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    Anyone willing to give away a Protean Froakie?

    I have a protean frogadier. Do you have any HA starters that aren't Unova?
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    From Cradle to Save (433)

    Came into this thread expecting people to immediately start hating on Bonsly, and I was not surprised. I personally loved Bonsly, and thought his dub voice was less irritating than the Japanese voice. And it was the perfect pokemon for Brock. It's a pretty well known fact by know that Brock...
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    Reversing The Charges! (431)

    I caught a glimpse of it in the episode, but thought my eyes were messing with me. Restarted the episode, and I definitely saw it. good spot. Anyways, awesome evolution for Phanpy. It's about time that little guy evolved. Now we're waiting on Sceptile and [spoiler] Ash catching Aipom.
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    Tactics Theatrics! (430)

    awesome battle this episode. really loved Ash's finishing strategy, and was great seeing Arcanine and Swampert get some screentime. I can't even remember the last time Swampert appeared in the anime.
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    An Olden Pond! (429)

    I just want to say, i just noticed your sig, and now i'm rotf. I don't even know why i'm laughing this long.
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    Weekend Warrior (428)

    Finally, one of the Ultimate elememental moves is animated. holy crap Frenzy Plant looked great. Loved it.
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    May's Egg-Cellent Adventure! (427)

    I was kinda bored with this episode until VOLT TACKLE! [Spoiler]seriously that is one of Pikachu's best animated moves. sucks it gets replaced with electroball in kalos.[spoiler] also loved the people at the beginning of this episode. especially you guys V-faction, and Gravy. you never fail to...
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    Wheel...of Frontier! (426)

    Hellz yeah, Snorlax returned! I hope he stays for a while. Voice acting is starting to grow on me, but Ash is still cringe worthy. This coming from a guy who watches dubbed anime over subbed.
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    A Chip Off The Old Brock (425)

    I see you've already updated your picture to 10% zygarde. Anyways, Mudkips evolution was random indeed, but the little guy needed it.
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    Sweet Baby James (424)

    Well James had every right to be nasty. They were trying to steal his family's and closest friends' pokemon. You don't just waltz into your teammate's home and try to make off with the resident pokemon. Plus, Jessie and Meowth have had it coming for a while considering how awful they are to him...
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    yo, saw you're friendcode. here's mine. 4871-6706-2638

    yo, saw you're friendcode. here's mine. 4871-6706-2638
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    Fear Factor Phony! (423)

    Wobbuffet was awesome in this episode. to bad it didn't get the girl (kirlia) in the end. And FYI for those who don't know, but the person who voiced Meowth before this episode passed away.
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    Pasta La Vista! (422)

    welp, that's the end of advanced battle. I'm gonna miss that song. the battle between Ash and may was great. to bad team rocket ruined things.
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    A Hurdle For Squirtle (421)

    Wow, when this show was new, people sure were uptight about how it should go. Jeezus, it's a kids show ffs. I'm probably one of the few who came out of this satisfied with the ending.
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    The Saffron Con (420)

    Guess I'm one of the few people who isn't mad that Squirtle learned Ice Beam -_-' Anyways...I was calling bullcrap on Harley's nice act up to when he told her about the contest pass and deadline. I loved the suspicious face everyone was giving him when he said he'd changed.
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    Caterpie's Big Dilemma (419)

    Glad to see rare candies get some form of a cameo, even if they were enhanced rare candy. Also glad to see a butterfree again. Brings back memories of the original series with Ash's butterfree.
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    Hail to the Chef (418)

    Sneasel's rivalry with Meowth is awesome. Glad that trick debuted finally.
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    Sitting Psyduck (417)

    In order to catch up with the series I've decided to not watch filler episodes, but instead read a summary and post my comments about it. Anyway, it's probably a first to find the Machop evolution family in one episode, and they weren't bully pokemon for once. that's a bonus.