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    Strange Eon Pics

    First of all, these are really good! In fact... *grabs Espeon* My Espy, with no coloring except the jewel! Pretty! Second of all, the hiding of the Umbreon? Pure genious. Took me a minute to find, but very smart place!
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    Morning Sun Espeon

    Being an Espeon freak, I feel obliged to post... I love this. It's... words cannot describe how great this picture is to me. I'm saving this to my Espeon folder! Only ten minutes?! I can't draw a circle in ten minutes! You, my friend, are amazing.
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    Heroes - Latios & Latias! (M05)

    Pokémon Heroes to air on Cartoon Network Yes! I've been waiting to see this since forever! When I clicked on the movie guide, and saw that Espeon was in it, I was so happy, I cried!
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    Eevee *SPOILERS*

    If it's not Espeon, I will cry. I mean, let's look at it logically. Gary (or whatever his name is XP) has an Umbreon. They won't have two Umbre's, right? Jolt, Vapor, and and Flare? Pikachu is an electric, and Jolt doesn't fit with May (well, neither did Combusken, but...). As and Brock have...
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    An Eony Christmas!

    I LOVE this! I saved it to my computer, am using it as my desktop, I may even print it out! Jolteon was hard to find, the silly little 'eon... :P And Espeon's jewel is fine, because Espy's using Psychic to hang ornaments, so the jewel is glowing. Ooh, I simply love this picture!
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    Four Attack Limit and Beyond

    Here's the way I explained this in a fic I wrote. Pokemon can learn any ammount of moves, but sometimes forget the older ones. In practice battles, they can use five or more, if they want to, but in official gym battles, it's only four. Example: first battle in a gym, Bayleef uses Poisonpowder...
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    Does anyone else in your family play Pokemon?

    No one I know even likes Pokemon... Well, my dad is interested in it, but has NO clue about it. I was talking to him about it, and I mentioned Aipom. "Aipom? A-P-A-L-M?" "No, A-I-P-O-M..." "Ooh, what is it?" "A monkey." "Draw it please, I must see this monkey!" -_- My mom actually...
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    Evanji's Pokemon art o' DEATH

    Wow, those are pretty good! Love Cyndaquil's flame. I actually think their eyes are neat. Better than my one drawing that has two pupils in one eye... -_-
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    Character Theme Songs, anyone? XD

    *Imagines James dancing around singing. "I feel pretty, oh so pretty!" Meanwhile, Jessie and Meowth don't know weather to laugh... or cry...* LMAO
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    The Quest for the Legends, now with its ILCOETH revision!

    ooh, romance in the future...? MayxMark? MayxAlan? *needs to know* I always thought May and Mark liked each other, but now I'm thinkin' that Alan and May will start liking each other, Mark will get all jelous, and... Who knows!? Wait, Dragonfree knows! (or at least, Dragonfree BETTER know...
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    The Saffron Con (420)

    I cannot WAIT for this episode! Espeon in a contest? I'm in heavan... *Loves Espeon even more than contests* Any clue how long 'til this airs in America? :P
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    The Official "What's This Ship Called?" Thread

    Okay... Let's see... What is the name for Kelly and May? Lilycoveshipping? Lilycovecontestshipping? And... Sakura and Ash?
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    Judgement Day! (368)

    This episode seems good, but I have a question. What IS that white and black ball, and why is it not in the dub, and why a SANDWHICH? ok, that was 3 questions...
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    The Official "What's This Ship Called?" Thread

    Excuse me, but what about Vivi (the little girl with the Marill in Candid Camerupt) and Max?
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    Fic ideas

    Veekatgirl: First of all, that was a DREAM? And I thought I had weird dreams... o.O Anyway, this is very original, and I think you should write it. Ponyta is one of my favorite Pokemon, and I'd definatley read this! It's a great idea! Start writing.
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    True Blue Swablu! (340)

    This is one of my favorite episodes, filler or not. - Torchic was so funny! "TOORRRR.... CHIC CHIC CHIC CHIC CHIC!" (peck peck peck..) - I always thought May look weird with her head... thing on, and now, seeing her with it off, I t'ink she's cute. - Ash thought it wasreal flying...
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    Fic ideas

    I know this sound SOO n00bish, mary-sue-ish, ect., but trust me, I think I can make this work... I have reasons for all of the n00by parts, too! Three sisters, three legendaries, three friends. Three sisters, ages 15, 14, and 13, have been raised by their mother and aunt since their...
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    What's Your Dumbest Game Accident(s)?

    I mean, I thought mabye, just MAYBE, there were more Kyogre after that one... It was my first ever Pokemon game, I didn't quite understand... :P
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    What's Your Dumbest Game Accident(s)?

    I used the Masterball to catch... a Spoink. And, I KOed Kyogre, not knowing it was legendary.
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    Life of a Character

    Dragonfree, you have "Teh 00ber Awesum Speshul Powah of D00m"! Question, though... Will Miss Exception come back, after her next chapter, still a shadow? She should be a real person, right? Non-blobby?