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    Best Pokemon Ever Face-Off

    Roserade. NO CONTEST. I Can't believe Ttar isn't in the finals...Boah rocks!
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    the "sick of" game

    sick of pokemon haters. sick of rule-breakers in runescape. sick of atheists (no offense, Mr. Munchlax).
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    MISSINGNO and GLITCHES - talk about them HERE

    Once my friend tried to do this to get 127 of an item (i forget which) and he only got lvl 168 magnemites. he caught one, too, but he never got missingo or 'M
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    Snow Way Out (066)

    yeah, that was just heartwarming. ill bet AP'ers have never seen THAT episode. I also like the part where ash and bulbasaur save pikachu
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    Official 'Claim Your Favorite Video Game Character / Video Game Combination' Topic

    Scorch / Star Wars: Republic Commando, claimed by Evil Blissey Funniest. Star. Wars. Game. Ever.
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    Official 'Claim Your Favorite Video Game' Topic

    Star Wars: Republic commando for XBox claimed by Evil Blissey Funniest. Star. Wars. Game. Ever.
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    When do you think... (SPOILERS!)

    huh.... guess i shouldn't trust gamefaqs forums that much... but i was almost sure they were making a lego star wars 3 based on the clone wars....oh, well. star wars battlefront 3, anyone?
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    When do you think... (SPOILERS!)

    ... SW RC2 and Lego Star Wars 3 Will come out? will they be for Xbox, or just the 360? ;006;
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    Does anyone still play these games?

    Yes, in fact, i'm actually playing my silver as we post, but i only have 1 badge right now, lol
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    Ash's Final Two

    how would he get a charmeleon?
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    Christian Alliance

    umm... can i join? please?
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    Rate the sig above you

    8/10 because treeco/grovyle rule and thats a pretty good trainer card
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    The bishie battle thread

    charizard uses steel wing and slices mimitchi in half
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    The Super Effectiveness Game

    grotle uses giga drain!!!
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    Official "I died, I need help!" Thread ***READ 1ST POST***

    stormy sea B37F difficulty: A reward: TM Brick Break wonder mail: P1?NMQROWT(female sign)??13M?4 ?W????HSQX?8?9SJJ? ??X??3R8?5S??9Q6+(female sign)