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    Headbutting Trees

    You just need to keep trying. I have a gotten a female combee and evolved it >:) Amen to that! I hated the theory of honey trees ;n;
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    Headbutting Trees

    The way that I found Pineco, I went to the same tree that drops a Pokemon when you headbutt it. Because that Pokemon doesn't drop from a specific place like Shroomish does in Viridian Forest.
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    Headbutting Trees

    I hate that there is such a large variety of pokemon that you can get knocked down by using headbutt. Currently I am trying to get a Pineco to evolve so I can get Steven's Beldum. Have you ran into any problems recently while trying to headbutt trees? I am also searching for a Shroomish.
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    My team, does it need a Tentacruel?

    I agree with Lucario Beast.
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    Why lucario is so popular anyway?

    I really don't see why people go nuts over Lucario myself, but I am trying to get a Riolu befriended so I can evolve it, more so because of I need the Lucario for the Pokedex. But a Lucario has better moves once it evolves, apart from the crappy opponent dependent moves it knows as a Riolu...
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    Your first unexpected random shiny?!

    I found a shiny Golduck(which I really don't like) when I was in Cerulean Cave going through to go get Mewtwo. I haven't found another one since :(
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    Ready to trade?

    Ready to trade?
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    I have always found the design of Pinsir scary, always have and always will.
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    Pokemon that look like...

    Swablu's have always reminded me of cotton balls. Carnivine reminds me of the plant from The Little Shop of Horrors.
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    The first Pokemon you caught on Hg/Ss?

    I am pretty sure that my first pokemon I caught, which was in Soulsilver, was a Spearow which I still use today for my back up team.
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    The 'Have You Ever?' Game

    Nope. But I have been close to it. Have you ever accidently been sprayed with perfume?