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    Are you ever ashamed of being a Pokémon fan?

    Nope! My family and most of my friends know I love Pokemon. I also have a few friends that like Pokemon, so I'm alright.
  2. Y

    When you were young, what was the FIRST video game console you had in your house?

    NES (it was my dad's). I remember watching him play Super Mario Bros. 3 when I was really young and I eventually played it myself. Good times.
  3. Y

    Animal Crossing Series

    If your Nookling store is upgraded past Nookling Junction, you unlock a catalog system. You can use it to order clothing of different kinds, furniture, wallpaper and flooring and other things, but you have to already have owned this item before you can order it.
  4. Y

    Animal Crossing Series

    A lot of new stores opening. The Roost opened during the weekend. Club LOL opened yesterday and Shampoodles opened today. Really like the club and can't wait for Saturday for some music.
  5. Y

    Will you choose X or Y and Why?

    Y because I like Yveltal better, and because I have it pre-ordered.
  6. Y

    Animal Crossing Series

    It was made by a player in Japan. I really liked it. Kick's and the museum's 2nd floor opened today. And the Nookling's store will re-open tomorrow. Also bought the silver net from the museum shop.
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    Weird Pokemon Weight and Height

    I always thought was weird how Muk and Grimer both weighed 66.1 lbs. I mean, Muk is a lot bigger than Grimer, so it's always kind of bugged me.
  8. Y

    Do you approve of Mewtwo getting a new forme?

    I really am not sure. I'm more for a new Mew. If it's a new Mewtwo form, I hope it makes an okay addition.
  9. Y

    Post Your Desktop!

    Cleaned up again http://i50.*******.com/8ziw5g.png
  10. Y

    What's is your character and rival name?

    Black 2 Me: Zeltrax Rival: Hue (I like Hue more than Hugh)
  11. Y

    What version of Pokemon did you get for each gen?

    Firered(lost it and got Leafgreen later) Heartgold Ruby Diamond Both(played White more) Black2 I also have Red and Silver & Gold.
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    Which Legendary is Better: Reshiram or Zekrom?

    I like Zekrom better. I usually like the one that are more monstrous in appearance.
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    Which Pokemon do you hate in Sinnoh?

    Chingling. I never really was a big fan of it since its evolution isn't really all that strong. They could have given a worthy pokemon an evolution or pre-evolution.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Meh. I really don't see much of this anymore. I usually just let it pass and carry on. They can be a little annoying, but hey, they're nothing but a group.
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    Should Gyarados have it's Type Changed?

    It's types are strange, but they're fine the way they are. Like already said, it was done for a reason and it would have had its flying type changed a long time ago.
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    What's your video game sign?

    It's a flying game if you want to do research on it.
  17. Y

    What's your video game sign?

    That's the Star Fox series symbol.
  18. Y

    What's your video game sign?

    I got Zelda. Something awesome for sure. XD
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    Tell us about you and the hurricane.

    It really wasn't all that bad here in Virginia. All we got was some rain and a little wind. I did get two extra days out of school.
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    Post Your Desktop!

    Just finished cleaning out mine (I really need a new background) http://i48.*******.com/t6ezh1.png Yay! New Background http://i46.*******.com/2dka613.png