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    How to win the weather war

    So I like OU and have built a team that's fairly succesful (38-19... not great but not all that bad.) I want to try out a weather team, specifically rain. I just want to know what I should do if someone else is using a rain team and gets their weather off instead of mine. There must be a way to...
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    Rate my RU team!

    I've always enjoyed RU, it's the tier I'm generally the best at, I had a decent RU team that won at least 2/3 of its battles but I want to step outside that and see if I can come up with something better. This team is much more aggressive than I'm used to, I dislike stall teams but have never...
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    Rate my OU team!

    Ah, thank you! I didn't think about that. I'll replace it with a silk scarf then.
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    Rate my OU team!

    I got rid of the colors, and Kyurem-White is a borderline, and according to Smogon "Pokémon in the OU and BL tiers are considered equal in terms of power." So I can use it.Wobuffet is also there as well.
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    first double trickroom help needed

    I'm not a great competitive battler but I can generally hold my own, so I'll give you my take on these things. First, if you're a trick room team you want the pokemon who are setting up the trick rooms to be able to take as many hits as possible, so don't bother EVing the Musharna in special...
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    Rate my OU team!

    I made a new OU team and I want some second opinions on it because I have a pretty ok record in OU and don't want to mess it up with silly mistakes in my team's structure. This is sort of a wall-y team because although sweeping is fun, I find it more entertaining to watch people rage because...
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    Underrated threats

    All right all right that's true. I misspoke. Best wall in RU and I daresay UU? I'm not familiar with the pokemon in it. However, I indeed HAVE used clefable in OU and although it's not fantastic there it still holds its own against some good pokemon. I guess the best wall in pokemon is...
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    Underrated threats

    My friend, if everything works into your favor magikarp can sweep an entire team. How? 1. Lead magikarp with a focus sash. Make sure it has the least defenses you can possibly get. No defense or special defense IVs or EVs. It holds on with the focus sash. 2. Switch into anything besides...
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    Underrated threats

    CLEFABLE. Magic Guard Clefable with leftovers. Cosmic Power, Softboiled, Toxic and Seismic Toss. EV it in Def, Sp Def and HP. Because it's bulky already you are free to set up cosmic power and softboiled to regain the hp you lost in the process. Once you get up to max defenses and special...
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    HELP ME!!!Rate my team.

    #1: That Skarmory... Where is Spikes? Put Stealth rocks on something else and replace it with taunt for a lead. #2:Lucario... A, that's a special sweeper, B, (this is just preference but) I don't like dragon pulse on lucario. Give it focus blast instead. #3: Gliscor... Gliscor was not...
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    My Ultimate OU Team

    I don't see any entry hazards at all... Get Stealth Rocks/Spikes on one of those pokemon. Also, I don't think having leftovers on an Infernape is worth your time. They do not have very good defense, you would be better off giving it something so it would hit harder. Last thing is I see you...
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    Rate my NU team/Which pokemon should I lead with?

    So I built an NU team, I built it to be sort of a sun team but with such a limited range of really good pokemon it's tough to do that. I have a few pokemon that would be an acceptable lead but I wasn't sure. I'm not exactly sure how you all want to decide, but I'll just give you everything...