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    What was your first shiny pokemon?

    A wingull.
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    Official Anime Picture Caption Thread

    http://i14.*******.com/2iatz7q.jpg Ahh We gonna Crash!
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    Is my game fake, or what?

    Its either fake or damaged.
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    Fake cartridges

    The firered is Defintely fake. Emerald I am not so sure.
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    Shinydex Challenge V. III

    WingGull. Makuhita AND Hariyama. Zubat AND Golbat. Unown All in my ruby. Most Shinies are traded from my other games.
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    Do you guys have any rare pokemon in your game?

    I got Lugia and Ho - Oh and Deoxys.
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    Completed Pokedex

    Wow. Congratulations. I on the other hand only completed the Hoenn Dex.
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    Official Anime Picture Caption Thread

    http://img206.imageshack.us/img206/2428/mistyiv4.png Scientist: And I thought there was only 1 sun in the pokemon world
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    anime tradition

    I miss JigglyPuff and its singing. Although it does not put me to sleep
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    How do you pronounce 'Weavile'?

    I say it as "wee- vle"
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    What will your name be in D/P?

    Ash. (Standard Lols)
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    Jolteon. I love Electric Types.
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    Are there any Poke/Item Cloning glitches?

    I do not think you can perform the cloning glitch in FR/LG.
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    too many eeveelutions?

    No. I kinda enjoy these Eeveelutions.
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    Pokemon Anime style

    It was from hand drawn graphics to computer animated ones.
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    Official Anime Picture Caption Thread

    http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i246/chatsey/blah/naetle.jpg Netalie: I didnt know Ash could fly. Let me try.
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    insane theories

    Jessie and James are spies hired by Givovanni to Follow Ash, His son. Their Mission is to tail Ash throughout his journey. Not to be suspected, TR planned to "steal" Pikachu and always bungled.
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    Pokemon abilities that suit you?

    Speed Boost. I wanna run faster. So this would be great.
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    The Fire Straters and 1st Gym

    ^^^. But that is only if they evolve before the first gym.