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    The Official Shiny Discussion Of D/P

    yea i got my 10th shiny i now got a shiny empolean
  2. K

    Arceus and Darkai

    u can tweak darkia and shaymin but not arceus
  3. K

    Catching shiny pokemon with the pokeradar

    an error in the games map
  4. K

    Official Help Thread

    wat pokemon are the best to fight to get pkrs?
  5. K

    The Official D/P Recent Happenings Thread!

    beat the E4 for the 123 time
  6. K

    A new Shaymin Glitch!!!!

    i need help tweaking badly any tip and advice
  7. K

    Official Help Thread

    wats the secrect area???
  8. K

    Official Help Thread

    but wats so good about the ravage path?
  9. K

    Official Help Thread

    now that i think of it he should teach his charizard arieal ace(cause it never misses and its strong)and draco meteor(because it does 140 damage and you do not need to recharge) take out air slash for ariel ace and shawdow claw for draco meteor cause it dragon type move and he's part dragon
  10. K

    Official Help Thread

    you should delete shawdow claw and teach him draco meteor
  11. K

    Official Help Thread

    yes i got a male rale after hatching 20 gardewar eggs
  12. K

    Official Help Thread

    does that mean that ralts can be caught there?
  13. K

    Official Help Thread

    i breed 12 eggs and hatched them they were all female i wonder if i give my godawar the everstone and my ditto nothin if it will hatch a male ralts
  14. K

    The Entei of Pokémon Ranger

    i used a rock type pokemon to catch entie
  15. K

    Official Help Thread

    i need help to get kiala evelove form from the dawn stone the bad news is that the ralts turn out to be female not male is there anyway to increase the canse to get a male ralts?
  16. K

    Official Help Thread

    it a cave and has no other exit but the front it does contunie
  17. K

    OMG! Catching = Impossible

    it easy to catch misprit by weaking it and throwing a quick ball after it fled and i found it azelf and unie i caught with my 6 timer ball
  18. K

    Official Help Thread

    thank you blue
  19. K

    Official Help Thread

    how do u get mystery gift?
  20. K

    Official Help Thread

    items to revie ur pokemon before u battle her or if u can u teach any of ur pokemons a grass move