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    Luckiest Things That've Happened in ORAS

    Luckiest moment for me had to be turning on my DS & running into a Shiny Chatot & Shiny Trubbish back to back. And I had spent the whole day before hunting for a Shiny Trubbish with no luck.
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    Trash Can Thread [Merge Deleted Threads Here]

    Technician Question I like trying out different move sets with Pokemon, so I'm setting up a Roserade with Technician. Looking up what moves to use, I ran into a question that could help me & maybe other players. Technician boosts BP moves 60 or less, by x1.5. Here's the question: If a move...
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Looking for shiny Heatmor, Venipede or Gastly. Natures don't matter.
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    Hidden Ability Trading Thread

    Looking for HA Venipede, gender & nature do not matter. Thanks, in advance.
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    Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

    FC: 0705-4738-8199 Friend Safari: Ponyta, Larvesta & Nintales Taking any Safaris. Really looking for Heatmor & Helioptile
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    Official X & Y Help Thread

    Strange Souvenir Help! Need help (or an explanation) getting the Strange Souvenir in X&Y. I know you're supposed to talk to the back packer in hotels for 4 days, but in my game he just keeps saying "Ah never mind. You'll see in due time." Why isn't he saying anything else?
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    Sorry, got caught up with a Pokemon. Just added ya, whenever you're ready

    Sorry, got caught up with a Pokemon. Just added ya, whenever you're ready
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    Gen 6 Pokemon Giveaway (Shiny Legendaries, Items, Ideal Competitives, And More!)

    Nice selection. If you still have any available, could you possibly trade the Jirachi, Kyurem or Groudon (w/ Red Orb)? Trying to fill up the Dex, would be greatly appreciative.
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    Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

    Friend code: 1951-1256-9452 Not sure what's in my safari, if someone could help out Looking for a safari with Chansey