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    Michael Bloomberg thinks he knows you better than you know yourself.

    I don't know about you but I think I'm going to practice my bootleoging skills....
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    5th Generation - Horrible or Great?

    5 gen is a great gen! Yes there are pokemon I like and yes there I dislike but it has been that way ever since gen 1 came out and playeded it. To me 5 gen ranks as high as 1st gen just because after gens with pokemon from ealier gens in the "new gen" I was so nice to be in a new region to...
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    What are you going to do untill BW2 comes out?

    See what E3 has to offer on june 5 go see summer movies go swimming once the town pool opens write or draw something replay Pokemon sappire
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    Who was the 1st every gym leader you beat?

    Brock the rock
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    Favorite & least favourite Pokemon of the 5th Gen?

    favs: Haxorus,Bearic,Zoroark, Scoliapede,Scrafty,Emoga,Bravairy,deino(line),pidove line. least fav: Oshawott line, gothalia line, trubbish line ( the reason why the gen whiners are bane to every pokemon fan)
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    Rival a Jerk?

    sigh... why do I get the feeling this thread is nothing more than another "1st gen is the best! and all other gens suck!" Anyway in my opinion I think it's better to have a wide verity of rivals;from friendly ones to dizty ones to mean ones, not just jerks.
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    Wisdom, Peace, Love, Harmony and other Postive Messages

    Unless: Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing is going to get better, it's not- Dr. Seuess
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    Where did you first hear of pokemon?

    Back in 98 I saw a commerical for the games and show thought it looked fun asked for the game for my birthday,got it, played it been I fan of the games ever since..........
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    Pokémon Dream Radar Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Some pokemon I hope are attainable with the AR seacher is starter pokemon, even tho I know it's wishful thinking... but heck I've been waiting for the DW starters to be relased for english games ever since b/w was released last year!
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    Can you really blame those who says Pokemon is becoming like Digimon?

    the difference b/w Digimon and pokeamon is that Digimon as they evo or digivevo is that the evo gets either armor/gun and weopeons or the become more humon like in apearance. Pokemon as they evolve don't, they at least have some features from there base form.
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    All the Mothers in the House put your hands up!

    This year for Mother's day I washed my mom's car (an SUV) and got her a lava cake.Later tonight my family going out to dinner.
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    Top 3 worst pokemon designes

    1.Muk it's just a pile of sluge 2. Electrode a upside pokeball real Original! 3. Charizard it's just a fat orange western based dragon with a flame on his tail!
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    CISPA, The New Internet Censorship Bill...

    It passed.... the bill is now on the senate up for voting!
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    Gym Leaders and Elite Four Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I'm surprised no one thought of this but what if the new gym leaders are version excluives. Think about it we have black 2 and White 2. what if Shizui and Homika appear as leaders in one version only?
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    Your First Pokemon (Obtained/Caught/Seen/Whatever)

    Charmander all the way back in Blue which I had got for my Birthday
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    I'd open a club or or pub and have Charizards as the bouncers....
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    Favorite Trainer Lines

    Pokemon R/B/Y: NPC:Do yo belive in ghosts? Answer: No NPC: hee hee I guess not, that white hand on your shouder it's not real...
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    The last movie you saw

    ^ does it follow the book at all? THats what I want to know...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Pokemon following you around again. I loved that in HG/SS thats one thing I like to see again!
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    Have you ever had them moments where it's like the game knows what your thinking?

    oh yeah... when I was playing my Black game I was trying to catch a cubachoo so I could use to fight the Dragon Gym I could not find one anywhere! I just ended up teaching blizzard to my Dewott.