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    What do you have to offer me?

    What do you have to offer me?
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    celebi ex from ex unseen forces (the secret rare)
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    Your Newest Card

    my newest card was an entei star
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    How much are my celebi ex and entei star worth?
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    Pokemon TCG Trades (Wants)

    For now I am looking for a jolteon rare holo from ex unseen forces (in mint/near mint condition) also ex delta species holos
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    Pokemon TCG Trades (Haves)

    I have these for trade. I am not from the U.S. but i will still try to trade worldwide. EX Dragon Frontiers: Common: Ralts Larvitar Taillow Ledyba Cyndaquil Totodile Vulpix Horsea Ekans Elekid seel nidoran male swablu pupitar Uncommon Horsea croconaw rainbow energy...