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  1. Z

    Legendaries Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Looking at the bottom part of Y... you can see vein-like thingies branching out by threes. X's horn/antlers seem to split by twos. Kinda cool since the letter Y has three ends and X looks like two splitting out from two. I'm guessing they're related to the branching out of pokemon species. Oh...
  2. Z

    PokeGear Speculation Thread

    From the scans...I still think the PokeGear would be placed in a menu on the touch screen. There are still 1 slot on top (PokeDex probably) and two slots missing on the bottom part of the menu...so there's the possibility that it would still be accessible from the touch screen... I'm guessing...
  3. Z

    What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

    I don't want to see a bright/not so dark Ilex Forest... I'm just used to the eerie feeling while in that place... And I don't want to see any contest of the sort in Johto...they could make one outside of Johto and Kanto but never should it be placed in Kanto/Johto...hehehe
  4. Z

    Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

    I'll be playing as Gold. ...maybe Kris/Marina would have a cameo at a certain part in the game... and imo I think the female trainer looks fine... (yeah, since I can't remember playing as a girl in Crystal)...hehehe
  5. Z

    What old features do you want to stay in HGSS?

    Kanto region should stay... don't add the "underground" feature from DPPt if neccesary so they could improve the Kanto region... The Bug Catching contests... The Unown Ruins... The Cycling Road that goes down all the way...I want that... And the Magnet Train...I just wish they show you...
  6. Z

    What will you do differently?

    Like most people... I'm not going to name the rival ?????. That's 5 ? I still remember and was completely clueless that it was going to be the name of the rival. I was just wondering why so many people named their rivals with "?" ...I thought I was the only one... Second...I'm going to go to...
  7. Z

    Who's gonna be your starter?

    I'll start with my good ol' friend Cyndaquil...the very first pokemon I received from my very first game...and I always and will always start with the fire starter... Oh...good old gold days...hehehe
  8. Z

    Favorite Video Game Quotes

    From The World Ends With You...Another Day "No no no, I call Pink. The name is Yoshiya Kiryu. I should be Pink, because Pink is love, and a humanitarian like me loves people." -Yoshiya (Joshua) Kiryu "Why would you want to be a CRAYON?" -Neku Sakuraba "Blue and Pink!? Sure, they go... but I...
  9. Z

    The Filipino Club

    Dropping by...ang daming busy napansin ko lang...sana maging active na uli 'tong club... kung sino man jan pwede makapag-isip ng kung kahit anong topic na interesting sige lang!...hehehe
  10. Z

    Jamie Lynn Spears has a baby girl.

    It happens everywhere all the time...and next generation's pregnancy would be about 14/15 year olds...what's happening to the world?...hehehe
  11. Z

    Boy eaten by family

    I've seen worse cases...but knowing that there is something like this happening everyday without many noticing is disappointing for humankind...hehehe
  12. Z

    Whos the hardest,coolest and easiest boss youve fought in a Nintendo Game?

    Hardest: Draco Cantus from The World Ends With You (with me at lvl.1 Ultimate) Coolest: Sho Minamimoto from The World Ends With You Easiest: Golem in the ruins from Rune Factory (Accidentally killed it too early so I rebattled it again so I can cherish the moment)...hehehe
  13. Z

    The Filipino Club

    dumadaloy sa mga dugo ko ang salitang "KAINGGITAN" Couldn't agree with you more... How school so far? Ngayon at nakapasok na ako, naaalala ko na uli ang mga assignments na walang na walang mabuting naidudulot. Classmates ko? walang pagbabago...wala pang lima ang nalipat ng section, wala...
  14. Z

    The Filipino Club

    napadaan lang...tagal kong di nakatambay...ang dami na palang nangyari dito... How's school so far? magsisimula pa lang iskul namin bukas...ayoko pang pumasok...kakatamad pa at nawawalan ako ng gana! Ang dami nanamang ipagagawang walang ikabubuti sa amin...at matutulog lang rin naman ako sa...
  15. Z

    Tagalog-Speakers Club of SPPF (TSCS)

    napadaan lang...wala rin palang masyadong nangyaring nangyari nung wala ako...welcome sa new members...di ako nakabisita kasi kelangan magpahinga ng kamay ko at hindi ko magamit ng maayos... sayang di na ko magiging masyadong active...hehehe
  16. Z

    The Filipino Club

    Which Pokemon will be useful in aiding the Philippines out of poverty? Tropius for giving fruits...no hunger Happiny/Chansey/Blissey-eggs...no hunger ...kung may pokemon...walang magugutom...hindi ko nga lang makita yung (o kung meron man) Pokemon para sa bigas...hehehe
  17. Z

    What's a good way of stopping yourself from laughing?

    Hold your breath and stop thinking...or breathe deeply and close your mouth tightly...hehehe
  18. Z

    Meron pa lang ganito...haha! Hello lang po...hehehe

    Meron pa lang ganito...haha! Hello lang po...hehehe
  19. Z

    Tagalog-Speakers Club of SPPF (TSCS)

    Astig ba yung bagong features? Alam kong may nagbago...hindi lang yung mga maliliit na nakikita kong pagbabago sa upper part at yung white reply box...anu nga bang nagbago sa SPPF? Sorry, di ko talaga alam eh...hehehe
  20. Z

    Interesting Facts about you

    -I always raise my knee and my right foot on the chair while eating... -I ate paper when I was 5 years old... -I always eat rice (rice w/ bread, rice w/ past, rice w/ cookies,etc) -When you meet me the first time I'm very quiet... -But if you're a close friend, expect the worst... -I don't...