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    Competitive Single Rates V2

    That's why in most double battles you spam Protect so you don't get hit by your teammate.
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    What did you name your rival?

    I always called my Rival 'Loser' or 'A Loser' or something stupid like that, for some reason I found it funny when it said ' A Loser wants to battle!'
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    Favorite cries.

    My personal favorite cries were Frosslass's, Togekiss's and Regice's
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    Favorite 1st gen Pokemon?

    For some odd reason, I liked Parasect the most in 1st Gen. Vaporeon was also one of my favorites.
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    The Pet's Names Thread

    1 Living cat, called Tigger. 2 dead hamsters, called Thomas and Champange(Don't ask rofl)
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    What do you use your Master Balls on, if you didn't use it on the main legendary?

    I used it to catch Cresselia, since it was annoying to catch with anything else.
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    I return, with another team to have rated!

    24 Hour Bump X_X I wanna know what people have to say about my team D:
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    I return, with another team to have rated!

    Aldred, noticed he edited it. It didn't say Vaporeon > Celebi before it.
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    I return, with another team to have rated!

    Thanks, LoM, I'll go with what you said. I'm considering that I should go with Night Slash, just so I can hit ghosts harder, but I'd like more people choosing what I should go with. @Kebilito
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    I return, with another team to have rated!

    And it's OU!! I'm returning to OU because I kinda underestimated it. '1// g l4 . 11% (Porygon2) @ Leftovers Ability: Trace EVs: 238 HP/116 Def/80 SAtk/76 SDef Bold nature (+Def, -Atk) - Magic Coat - Ice Beam - Discharge - Recover Yes, this is Blue Ace's Porygon 2, and it works...
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    Yet Another Problem!

    Thanks a lot =D
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    Yet Another Problem!

    Yes, another problem. Anyway, I'm trying to get some Snapshots from Brawl onto my laptop, and when I put them on my laptop they arrive in a '.bin' file. I've looked all around the net for ways to open it, but I just can't find one, can someone help me?
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    What's this?! More UU?!

    What's wrong with the Pelipper?
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    What's this?! More UU?!

    Why did you assume I was joining a tournament that hasn't even had the word spread anywhere?
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    What's this?! More UU?!

    What? This isn't for a tourney. I never even knew a UU tourney was going on O.o
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    What's this?! More UU?!

    Thanks for the rates, and I reckon I'll go with Surf on Gastrodon, and change Life Orb and Pursuit for Night Slash and Focus Sash. Jynx's HP is 271, so that let's me use Substitute 4 times. I do seem to have a Cradily problem, I might have to end up stalling it out with Aggron if it's one of...
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    What's this?! More UU?!

    Yesh. I have a new UU team to share, and wanting to be rated. I AM WAN LUV (Jynx) (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Forewarn EVs: 252 Spd/252 SAtk Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Lovely Kiss - Ice Beam - Substitute - Calm Mind This thing. Is. Amazing. I've managed to 6-0 teams with just...
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    MY First Shot At Competetive UU

    I AM WAN LUV (Jynx) (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Forewarn EVs: 252 Spd/252 SAtk Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Lovely Kiss - Ice Beam - Substitute - Calm Mind I think this is a great lead. Lovely Kiss something, Sub, then CM up. Can tear apart teams unprepared for this thing. I know only one...
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    Geez, I died again. MJ+HQ% 05JSYN XT7RCP #H6&12 44-6X# 7N4=RT RFX=5C S2XTY% +K42Q- 12F Hidden Land. I'd be very greatful if the person who rescues me can give me a Drain Punch TM. Thanks in advance. Edit; Rescued by a friend.
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    Annoying YouTube problems.

    Simple problem. It won't let me upload videos. I go to upload, put in all the information required and try to upload the video, but then the page changes to the 'Error, Cannot Proccess Page' or something like that. It can't be the browser, since I tried it with Opera, Mozilla Firefox and...