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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    LF Own Tempo Rockruff FT HA Starters, Sheer Force Bagon, Marvel Scale Dratini, Prankster Murkrow,
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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    LF Defiant Mankey FT: HA Starters, Iron Fist Pawmi, Prankster Murkrow, Marvel Scale Dratini
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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    Oh I have a few I think I'll have to look when I get home from work Been wanting a HA Pawmi
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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    LF: HA Pawmi (Iron Fist) FT: HA Dratini (Marvel Scale) HA Starters (Protean, Unaware, Moxie)
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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    Okay ready sorry got distracted
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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    22522522 is the code if you wanna trade
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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    Armarogue is fine
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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    I can get yoi a bagon though not HA
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    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    LF Fuecoco (HA if available) FT: HA Dratini
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    Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - Recent Happenings Thread

    Yeah making it to where they just hatch is so much better... the incense thing was just annoying
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    Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - Recent Happenings Thread

    Was playing with friends and one if my friends has an Azumarill abd when they had eggs they hatched Azurill without incense... im so glad they removed that mechanic always found it stupid
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread

    I actually wound up hatching a Shiny G-Zigzagoon while I was trying to get a Max 5 IV one it didby have the IV's I wanted but I was still happy and I wasn't even using Masuda Method
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield - HELP THREAD (Don't ask about Victini)

    When pokemon are found using wishing stones are their ability set?
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    I'm curious did we ever get stats for GWeezing? Does Koffing also get Neutralizing Gas?
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    Which Gen 8 starter will you choose?

    I'll be getting Scorbunny (though I love the Sobble line I've been team bunny from the start)
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    Who is your favourite Gen 8 starter so far?

    My favorite is currently Scorbunny as he is precious and I’m generally biased towards Fire Types anyways (though my bottom two starters are Infernape and Emboar) but Sobble is an extremely close second as I just want to snuggle him Grookey is my least favorite since I already am not fond of...
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    GALAR REGION Discussion & Speculation Thread

    Actually I think the region is Great Britain upside down so Scotland is actually the starting point and the northern part is England
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Serperior is pretty damn strong with Contrary though