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  1. kittyguy2008

    Favorite Town/City in Alola

    Personally I really like Malie City because while it is huge with tons to do, it manages to feel peaceful and has beautiful architecture and a nice park :)
  2. kittyguy2008

    I only get on here to check if my friend has messaged me back

    I only get on here to check if my friend has messaged me back
  3. kittyguy2008

    extremely wrong answers to pokemon questions

    Cinnamon Mayonnaise and Apple Cider How does Minccino evolve?
  4. kittyguy2008

    Changing Majors in College

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to seek some advice from others who have been to a 4 year university. I will explain my situation: I am a freshman about to enter my second semester. I'm a Veterinary Bioscience Major with a minor in Nutrition. All my life, I've thought that I wanted to be a...
  5. kittyguy2008

    The Anagram Game

    Nidorino! Beast Soil
  6. kittyguy2008

    Keep one, Drop one

    Pharaoh's Tomb
  7. kittyguy2008

    The Karaoke Game

    Round and round, let the city turn Party in the hills, we can party in the burbs Roof on fire, let it burn Champagne in my hand, I'm not concerned (L.A. Party - Deedee Magno)
  8. kittyguy2008

    Serebii.net Suggestion Thread

    For all of the different Pokedexes (For all of the different regions) you can list pokemon by stats. Is there a reason that Gen III does not have the option to list pokemon by stats, only by EV yield. I'm referring to pages like this: https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/stat/hp.shtml Another...
  9. kittyguy2008

    The Karaoke Game

    The two of us ain't gonna follow your rules! Come at me without any of your fancy tools! Let's go just me and you! Let's go just one ON two! (Stronger than You - Estelle)
  10. kittyguy2008

    The Karaoke Game

    Runnin' through the parking lot He chased me and he wouldn't stop! Tag, you're it. Tag-Tag you're it! (Tag, You're it - Melanie Martinez)
  11. kittyguy2008

    Features you feel Pokemon Sun and Moon should have had

    The Mantine minigame was cool in concept, but I think it could have been so much cooler if you could simply surf through the open ocean and encounter things in spots or reach special areas or land on different beaches around each island (like the one in front of Kukui's). It would have been kind...
  12. kittyguy2008

    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    I got an accordion and a DNA test to hopefully find my biological father.
  13. kittyguy2008

    Raichu, use Thunder! It's Super effective!

    Kingler! Use Tectonic Rage (From Mud Shot)
  14. kittyguy2008

    Things that grind your gears!

    Monster Houses (Also the lack of Pokemon Ranger games)
  15. kittyguy2008

    Raichu, use Thunder! It's Super effective!

    Nosepass! Use Zap Cannon!!!
  16. kittyguy2008

    Favorite Hoenn City/Town (Version 2)

    (rip petalburg and oldale) Music-wise, Verdanturf is my favorite because I'm a sucker for pianos. With design and aesthetic in mind I would side with Mossdeep because it's near the only ice area and ice is the best. However, I have this terrible fear of the ocean so my favorite after Mossdeep is...
  17. kittyguy2008

    Favorite 3rd Gen BGM?

    I absolutely ADORE the Oceanic Museum theme from RSE some others that I really like from those games would be Abandoned Ship, Sealed Chamber, Route 113, and the Ending Theme. I don't have as big of an attachment to FRLG, but I do really like the SS Anne Theme.
  18. kittyguy2008

    do you have this game? V3

    No, I totally used to though! I think it was in my Gamecube when someone broke into my house and took it years ago :( Totally obscure one incoming Puzzle Quest
  19. kittyguy2008

    Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

    http://serebii.net/pokemongo/items.shtml Here on the pokemon go items page, it says the sun stone evolves gloom but it leaves out that it evolves sunkern
  20. kittyguy2008

    Gym Leader Name Explanations

    The alola captains are actually all named after plants. In other words hala, hau, kukui, mallow, etc. are all plant names. As fir violet in kalos, the only thing that comes to mind is a Violin beetle