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    Leave your Godzilla jokes at the door; Japan hit by 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami.

    Not new anymore since they have always done that after a big thing happens and most of the local news in my area pretty much stopped talking about it expect a few stories about it. But hopefully everything gets better within these few days.
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    Power rangers finally come home to their rightful owners

    Yeah i just remember that and i was watching the beetleborgs when i said that.
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    Power rangers finally come home to their rightful owners

    Only if they can remake the beetleborg's....
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    Power rangers finally come home to their rightful owners

    I diddn't know why i said Jungle fury but it's one of those disney season's.
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    Power rangers finally come home to their rightful owners

    They are stealing the plans from Jungle Fury since they did the very same thing.
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    Power rangers finally come home to their rightful owners

    There will be a Origin episode soon since they been talking about it at the party in LA last night.
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    (Ingame) Strength or Strategy?

    Strategy in-game is useless.
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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Wow only two days but people will get there hands on the game a week or two before the release date anyways.
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    What do you do for fun?

    What do you do for fun?
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    :D thats good

    :D thats good
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    Thats good :D Good also and hungry lol

    Thats good :D Good also and hungry lol
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    How are you doing today?

    How are you doing today?
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    Ur welcome anytime:)

    Ur welcome anytime:)
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    Serebii.net Suggestion Thread

    Nope, you will only get it in japanese an till around springtime of 2011.
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    Serebii.net Suggestion Thread

    Nope, only two sites got them and every other fansites had images/video's/sprites. Because our forum had everything and we diddn't get anything from them.
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    Discussion of the Serebii.net Black & White Discovery Thread

    Can somebody tell me why did serebii stopped updating because i remember his coverage's were booming and now he stopped.
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    Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

    This episode wasn't even close to be boring compared to the others but we should have knew they wasn't going to show anything since they are saving everything for next Month big storm of information.
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    How difficult is the main story of any Pokemon Game for you?

    I played every single main series pokemon games and all of them were easy.
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    Trainer with Heatran

    Since Ash isn't going to face the elite 4 so he'll probally lose against darkrai.
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Because Pokemon are Animals...