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    HONEYBE - in all caps. ^^

    HONEYBE - in all caps. ^^
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    Honeybe ^^

    Honeybe ^^
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    My HG In-game Team! (rating)

    I was looking for a rate more than suggestions, but thanks anyway. I may give them movesets like that if I end up using them competitively.^^
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    Awesome. Contact me if you see me online, and I'll do likewise. =) What's you friend code...

    Awesome. Contact me if you see me online, and I'll do likewise. =) What's you friend code? Mine's 2494 3965 3624. ^^
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    Alright. ^^

    Alright. ^^
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    I have no idea. x3

    I have no idea. x3
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Oh yeah. I have NEVER encountered a wild shiny (aside from the Red Gyrados) in any of my games. And I spend so much of my life training my pokemon, and hatching eggs. ;-; ~Lady Legend <3
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    Harry Potter 7 Pt 2

    I loved the movie. Saw the Auzzie premiere, and saw it again earlier today. It did leave quite a bit out, but it made up for it in it's own way. ~Lady Legend <3
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    Rate The Avatar Above You. (Rule update. 01.09.14)

    8/10. Same to you and your pokemon. =3
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    Rate The Avatar Above You. (Rule update. 01.09.14)

    8/10... Cute!
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    My HG In-game Team! (rating)

    This is the team I used to defeat the Pokemon League in Pokemon HeartGold. Half of them were obtained form other games, and another from the pokewalker. I thought It would be interesting to see how good my team really is. Keep in mind that I had to give them HMs, as I used them through the...
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    The Summer Sprite Contest (SSC) [Approved By Sweet May]

    The Auzzie has come to grace this... unseasonal thread with her presence. x3 Anyway, this looks like a good contest! I''l probably enter the next round. ;3 ~Lady Legend <3
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    Dear Joey,

    Why are you picking on him?! He's awesome! His Ratatta is - *shot to death* *comes back to life* But seriously. A pokemon fan I talked to on another forum caught his Ratatta using a cheating device of some kind, and apparently it had pretty good stats. I guess it really is - *shot to...
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    Do you root for your Pokemon?

    I do. Usually out loud. <3 ~Lady Legend <3
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    pokemon reallity

    Hrm... it would be cool to have a flying pokemon... I know! My flying Riachu from Heartgold. <3 ~Lady Legend <3
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Once I turned my favorite pokemon game (HeartGold) off while I was saving before going into a Wi-fi club. It said the save file had been corrupted. More a total freakout moment that a facepalm one. But it just took me back to my last save point and then a facepalmed because I was getting so...
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    Whats your favorite R/S/E mascot

    Rayquaza. I have a thing for dragons. And it just looks generally awesome. Groudon is a close second, though. ~Lady Legend <3
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Oh, and I taught my Sceptile secret power, and made some really cool hideouts. But I accidentally deleted the move, forgot, and deleted my old hideout. Then I went to make another hideout and realized what I'd done. ;-; ~Lady Legend <3
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    Other people have said these already, but the only ones I know of are these: Thunder can hit a pokemon using Fly & Earthquake can hit a pokemon using Dig ~Lady Legend <3
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    Favorite Sinnoh Starter

    I like Piplup's evolution line the most. I liked Torterra, though. But the penguins win the crown for me. ^^ ;393; ;394; ;395; ...wait, I'm giving out crowns? ~Lady Legend <3