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    D: What you say?

    D: What you say?
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    What makes you restart the game?

    I get bored easily, so I begin a new adventure.
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    3rd time lucky?

    It's what I call when you add brushes to the background and slap a render on top of it and call it GFX.
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    Photoshop Pterodactyl

    Excellent, simple GFX. Don't really like the smudging on the right side of the render.
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    Sky High

    It's been a while since I've last made GFX. v1 v2 CnC
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    3rd time lucky?

    Most of them could use some work, but they're very nice. Favorite is the One Happy Bunny one, love everything about it. Least favorite is the Black Parade. It's basically just brush GFX with little effort put into it.
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    First Sprite - Blazikipario thingy

    It IS a PNG. >_> Right click Properties. I can understand though if you never used *******. Also, I was a bit lazy to make the BG transparent. Either that or I didn't have Gimp/Photoshop/Paint.net on my laptop.
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    My first sig :3

    If you removed the text, alot of them would be okay. Mostly, if you were someone who made "plenty" of GFX already, I would say "All you did was slap a render on there and added some brushes and a background", but for your first 4 tries, these are pretty good! Like the Skitty one, but you might...
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    ZOMG, I fail. ;P

    YA THEY DO FAIL. jk Love the first one and your first newest one. I love abstract graphics.
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    Photoshop Pterodactyl

    Some of your graphics have too much empty space. Still, they're great work.
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    Male Lopunny

    Does anyone else find this disturbing? Both a male and a female Lopunny exists, and both are the same exact sprite. And Lopunny likes kinda... ah... yah... You get the point.
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    It's been a while!

    Vileplume's face looks like a smirk,which doesn't seem to fit for some reason IMO, and Bellossom's secondary color could be different. Revamped Victreebel has some weird edges, but it's still a great revamp. All in all, these are very good sprites (better than I can do).
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    First Sprite - Blazikipario thingy

    Finally decided to make my first "edited/custom" Pokemon sprite. T'was alot harder than I thought it would be. CnC
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    Was the Elite Four a pushover in this generation?

    Aaron: He was technically owned by my Crobat Bertha: All of her Pokemon were One Hit KO'ed by my Empoleon's Surf except her Quagisire and Whishcash, they were the only ones that couldn't be 1 hit KO'd by my surf Flint: The only one I had trouble on was Infernape, who could One Hit KO my...
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    Pokemon You Believe That Were Made From Others

    I'm pretty sure that Furret and Linoone are similar.
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    Meh GFX stoof

    Here are some of my GFX goods (PROTIP: I'm a beginner) Name: Who needs Mudkipz when you got TREECKOS?!?!?!?!?!?slash??oneone111!(and Torchics) Name: Lucario: Firin' meh lazer Name: Bleach: Ichigo CnC
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    Pokemon:Peridot's Adventure

    1. I usually get trouble on game based comics, probably stuff like LOZ or Pokemon. 2. Good idea, but first of all, I don't use paint. I use Paint.Net. There's a difference. 3.My program makes text more "smooth" so it's a bit blurry. The sharp text looks kinda weird, so I use smooth text...
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    Pokemon:Peridot's Adventure

    No, this isn't a "collect badges" thing. Have you ever heard of "catch Pokemon, beat up trainers, and travel"? I'm pretty sure you do. And if you would bother to tell me comics that are better than mine, I would appreciate it. Plus, this isn't the FIRST time I've made comics. I have other...
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    Pokemon:Peridot's Adventure

    Part One:Travel to Destiny Page One ~~~~News~~~~ I'm just starting this series, and only completed one page. The next page will be up in a short amount of time.
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    What pokemon do you use the most?

    Crobat, and I will always use it.