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    Unrated Fics

    …What. Okay, look, it's very simple: if you are registered to this forum, the assumption is that you are at least thirteen years old. Presumably by this age you are old enough to understand what sort of things typically call for a PG-13 or R rating. If a thread has no rating and the author has...
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    To derail this chain of epic progress… Just south of 600 words, all of which were done today. Worrying endlessly about what this is leading to, since NaNo's "just write from the start without editing" encouragement is… well, not encouraging given my writing methods.
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    Fic ideas V.2

    Purplepassion, not knowing much about Rhythm Heaven, I can't say much more than "Give it a try." Shadow Lucario, any one in particular stand out? Pinning down the dominant genre usually helps with story cohesion. (Among other things.) Tearen: Ah. And what is the Pokémon Master's normal...
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    Fic ideas V.2

    ... You know, as things go, getting conscripted into the world-domination business from the personal equivalent of e-mail spam is just bizarre enough that I'd like to see how this turns out. Any idea what genre this is going to be?
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    Fic ideas V.2

    Shadow Lucario: While that certainly sounds like an… interesting… plot, I'm going to have to ask two things: 1) How does this kind of confusion happen? 2) Are there going to be any other poor feckless recruits who have literally no idea what they signed up for, or is Our Protagonist going to be...
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    Fic ideas V.2

    Sounds interesting. As with most perspective-flip stories, though, it's important to make sure you're telling the story from the other person's point of view rather than telling the original story with the names swapped. The acquisition of the Sneasel should be a fairly notable subplot, I expect?
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    Thanks. Who are you?

    Thanks. Who are you?
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Two, neither of which I'm trading. Who the hell are you?

    Two, neither of which I'm trading. Who the hell are you?
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    Eh. Been busy. Summer job, about five different manga to read (including One Piece from start to...

    Eh. Been busy. Summer job, about five different manga to read (including One Piece from start to current, which I still haven't even begun), and having fun with hypotheticals in a World of Darkness fan-gameline.
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    Yes? What of it?

    Yes? What of it?
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    Regarding the Canonicity of Dates in Canon and Fan Fiction

    ... Couple questions, then: Do you also have strong opinions for people who say that a house should be built like a house rather than some sort of rocketship? Do you have a problem with interior decorating with the stipulation that the walls of the building remain intact? Do you think that...
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    How many Characters is too many?

    My advice? Pop on over to TVTropes and check out the pages for Loads And Loads Of Characters, Geodesic Cast, and Cast Herd (replace "HomePage" in the URL with the appropriate title, unspaced). All three provide, at the very least, some good notes for dealing with large casts. Before that...
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    Animals Or Creatures?

    Considering I tend to favor the Pokémon that frequently have no animalian real-world equivalents, (Ghost-types are common in this regard) I don't really bother with simile-istic (if that wasn't a word then it is now) descriptions; I just try to use the "scatter the details throughout the text...
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    How much time should writing a chapter take?

    That is the definition of a troll. Rule of thumb for writing: barring deadlines, take as much time as you need to do the actual writing. The story/poem/etc. is not going to fly away if you take your eyes off it. It can be picked up later if your life requires your attention.
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    Hallo there. How's Arcana Shadows' chapter two coming along?

    Hallo there. How's Arcana Shadows' chapter two coming along?
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    Fic ideas

    I thought the party killed him when they fought him… "Helletic" Hojo, wasn't it? (God, translations…)
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    Fic ideas

    I was under the impression that Hojo was dead. Am I mistaken?
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    Persona: Arcana Shadows (PG13)

    Well, this is my first foray proper into reviewing in the Non-Pokémon Fic section. I’m reasonably familiar with the Persona universe, and I was mildly interested in this story when you mentioned it in the Fic Ideas thread, so here goes. - This is a good bit of scene-setting. “Clearly not...
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    Fic ideas

    Presumably for the same reason that one does not simply shoot the pilot of a tank with several inches of armor plating - there's no point because aforesaid armor plating/Pokémon is in the way.