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    "What's This Ship Called?"

    *looks on the list* I don't see... Entei & Moltres...can I call it PhoenixLionShipping?
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    Sleepless in Pre-Battle (572)

    *Reads the last title suggestion* ..............*runs to write a fanfic* XD Seriously though...if they call it a more accurate title than the Japanese people did, I will also laugh. Okay, Darkrai's response to Cresselia did make me giggle a bit. That was the only part of the "fight" that I...
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    Sleepless in Pre-Battle (572)

    No. I mean people in real life...and I do agree that most fan versions do end up really badly. But really I'm just trying to say that they could've done so much better when they made this episode...and I admit that I haven't watched the anime in years, and that's how I remember the Johto...
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    Sleepless in Pre-Battle (572)

    XD lol, I see....*is still really angry at the anime people* I kept imagining explosions and Dark Voids being thrown everywhere....I expected awesome....and got crap. :(
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    Sleepless in Pre-Battle (572)

    I think that's what he meant...XD
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    Sleepless in Pre-Battle (572)

    ....I'm sorry. This episode...it really disappoints me... My friends and I were looking forward to a cool, possibly somewhat epic fight between the two Lunar Legendaries....and what do we get? One or two measley minutes of them bouncing at each other. What the heck? Seriously, I am really upset...
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    ~*~ Official Claim a Pokémon Thread 2.0 ~*~

    Suicune-Marikunin-November 19, 2008 I hope she's not taken...
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    If you were to be.....

    Oh man, I'd be a Vaporeon, definitely.
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    The Official Luckyshipping Thread

    Oh wow. I don't think I've ever thought of this, but it's awesome. *raises hand, wishing to join*
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    How old are you Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans?

    I'm 19 right now....been playing since Red and Blue...XD
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    Posting From College

    Don't have a major yet. We don't have to declare that until sophomore year.
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    Altoshipping General Discussion

    I wanna join this. I think the ship has always been cute.
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    Posting From College

    Thanks! I'm on campus! http://calvin.edu
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    Posting From College

    Yes, I'm in college now. That is why I've been absent for so long. But now I'm back....hopefully I'll get active here again. :)
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    Ikarishipping General Discussion

    For IkariShipping Day, what will you do? I'm gonna FINALLY title the FST that I made for them. And work on making a cover for it...using MS Paint, it'll look terrible. ^^; I'll probably draw a picture or two as well. :)
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    LunarEclipseShipping Discussion Thread 2!!! (DarkraixCresselia)

    Lol, a mansion...what would it look like, though. Describe it.
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    LunarEclipseShipping Discussion Thread 2!!! (DarkraixCresselia)

    The old thread was closed because of spam so I'm remaking it.... PLEASE read the note at the bottom of this post! Basically, Darkrai x Cresselia. That's right. A pokemon/pokemon ship. And YES, there are fans! Reasons (Starred numbers all not from canon) : 1) They are counterparts. *2) They...
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    LunarEclipseShipping Discussion (Darkrai x Cresselia)

    Too....short.... But awesome.
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    LunarEclipseShipping Discussion (Darkrai x Cresselia)

    XD I LOVE ANIMORPHS! So cool....that is so cool that you modeled the character after Applegate's character. XD
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    LunarEclipseShipping Discussion (Darkrai x Cresselia)

    Got a question! If Darkrai and/or Cresselia had a DVD collection, what would be in it? *Movies, tv shows, etc...*