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    Modified: My first attempt at... a deck.

    4x Trapinch - SW 2x Vibrava - RR 3x Flygon - RR 1x Flygon Lv.X 2x Eevee - RR 2x Leafeon - MD (holo one) 1x Uxie - LA 2x Claydol (GE/LA, i forgot :'] ) 2x Baltoy (GE/LA, i forgot :'] ) /19 1x Luxury Ball 3x Bebe Search 3x Rare Candy 2x Super Scoop Up 1x Pokemon Reversal...
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    Ho-Oh Legend (top) Lugia Legend (bottom) Luxray (AR) Arceus Fire (AR) Donphan Prime Meganium Prime (non-promo) Shinx (SH12, Arceus) Gyarados (HGSS, 123/123, Reverse Holo) If you've got english prices, send them. $ will do though
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    If you could have any 2 pokemon as your starter and partner, what would they be?

    Igglybuff for starter <3 Mudkip for partner ¦:¬)
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    Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon [All Versions] Recent Happening Thread

    @mods: 9 sentences in the spoiler, don't wanna spoil yue (: ~Splapp
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    Non-Comp Fly-Gon (modified)

    It's this: 2x Snorunt MT 2x Froslass AR Soz it's unclear (: I tried this with Corsola replacing a Bebe's, i was screwed early game with just corsola and a trapinch out VS a Gengar X deck (it used Dugtrio PL). Lost 6-4 prizes when they both died
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    Flying pikachu - rising rivals (113/100) $8 Dark alakazam - Team rocket (1/82) $2 Deoxys - Ex emerald (2/106)(German :b) $2 Charizard G lv X Promo (DP45) $4 Infernape lv X D&P (121/130) $10 Holon's electrode Ex delta species (21/113) 75c Dark dragonite Ex team rocket returns (15/109) $2...
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    Non-Comp Fly-Gon (modified)

    Notes: •I believe in Rare Candy over Broken Time-Space, but I run both. I can't help it •If I can't get out Flygon, Mothim requires just one energy, and even to run Froslass it won't hurt. •It's not competitive •I need help •I'm running out of notes •Flygon is the new Mudkipz Onto the...
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    Modified: 37-Trainer Donphan :p

    @L_X_F: Thanks for the advice, but I've demolished the deck
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    Any chance for a Pokemon TCG game on DS?

    Think big, why have a promo when we can have a mini-set of cards! (but people would buy 4 of the game and sell 3 without the cards)
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    Partner Dilemma

    I've gone for Phanpy starter and Mudkip partner, and the game was easy. Phany gets Ancientpower, which can easily up it's speed, and Mudkip is good all-round, but out of yours I'd do Treecko - Totodile :)
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    If Grudge hit the TCG

    Assume we had this Poké-Body: Poké-Body: Grudge If ______ is Knocked Out by damage from an opponent's attack, discard all Energy cards attached to the Defending Pokémon. Discuss what would this do to the TCG and what this would be like on cards like Gengar Lv.X, Flygon Lv.X and the like.
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    OK, here we go :p Ho-Oh Legend (top) Lugia Legend (bottom) Luxray (AR) Arceus Fire (AR) Donphan Prime Meganium Prime (non-promo) Shinx (SH12, Arceus) Gyarados (HGSS, 123/123, Reverse Holo) If you've got english prices, send them. $ will do though
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    This is really strange...please help

    Hunger Seed, or Munch Belt(maybe)
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    Lucky Moments

    1x HGSS Blister 2x Arceus Packs 1x HGSS Pack 2x Ho-oh Legend (top half) [no joke] 1x Gyarados (123/123) :p - 1x Luxray :p 1x Shinx (reverse, SH12) - 1x Yanmega (-.- it's ugly -.-)
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    The Official Zero Isle Help Thread

    All added 10char
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    Pokemon TCG Club

    Worst Trade: Mightyena EX (HP) for a fake Pinsir (LM) But I've bought 3 packs and they EXACTLY matched the first three I'd ever got: Mighty EX (got one back!), Kabutops HP, and Holo Fighting Energy
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    HELP I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP - PMD [All Versions] Rescue Thread

    @Nyuugen: Rescued. I know it's Silver Trench B75F, but I don't need a reward :P If you do want to send one, I will accept it though. JQ%9R (M)PN(M)C(M)?1 J1M?3 JWC?(M) ??59?(...)X -0PJR ?9X?9 927TRTJ? 57J5C What's better than a free rescue?
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    pokemon big brother

    Croagunk for doing nothing =D
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    Modified: 37-Trainer Donphan :p

    The only problem I find is, let's assume this is my opener: Corsola, Luxray GL Lv.X, Fighting Energy, Pluspower, Leftovers, Volkner's, Nidoqueen. We'll probably have one energy prized, right? Corsola active, attach an energy to it. Get 3 pokemon (let's say Phanpy, Luxray GL and...