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    Pokethlon VS Contests

    Let's face it: In Ruby and Sapphire, contests were ok but in D/P/Pt they sucked. Pokethon looks way more fun and unique, unlike contests. And the stats idea and apricorn shake? pure genius. Poffin? Dance? DRESS UP!? meh, could've done without
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    Team Rocket Discussion

    I think there should be an event with Silver showing he's Giavonni's son
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    Yea Awesome

    Yea Awesome
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    Team Rocket Discussion

    I hope that Giavonni will return after the Goldenrod City's Tower invasion
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    Which Starters From Each Gen/Region Will You Choose?

    HA I'm glad the 4th gen starters aren't included as they reek of pokesucking balls. I'm going with totodile all the way
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    What do you want to see in Serebii's Coverage after Release?

    I'd like to see the gym leaders do actions b4 battling and the Elite 4 too.
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    Do You Think There Will Be References?

    I think that Jasmine will appear at the Battle Frontier and she'll be the Frontier Brain, alongside Giavonni
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    HGSS PokeDex Discussion

    They shouldn't change the dex at all. They should keep the dex the way it is
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    not much you?

    not much you?
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    i'm currently playing Spectrobes: Origins. First: Nintendo vs Sega. Nintendo wins. Now it's Pokemon vs. Spectrobes. Who will win the title of the ultimate creature capture game? I'm thinking POKEMON!!!!
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    Ya are you getting Soul silver?

    Ya are you getting Soul silver?
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    oh sorry i didn't know So whats up?

    oh sorry i didn't know So whats up?
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    Im still playing gold dumbass, or at least, i was. i lost my version. again

    Im still playing gold dumbass, or at least, i was. i lost my version. again
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    HGSS PokeDex Discussion

    I think before beating the game, it should be the same, when you beat them, THEN they get new guys from the 3rd and 4th generation in their parties
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    Gym Leaders / Elite Four Discussion

    I think that they should raise the levels up about 10-12 or so and after you beat them they get even stronger with new pokemon like they did in Firered and Leafgreen
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    HGSS Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    Alot of legendaries are in this game SO AWESOME!!
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    hey man what's up?

    hey man what's up?
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    ~ HG/SS Speculation / Idea Thread #5 ~ [READ 1st POST OR YOU'LL GET PREGNANT AND DIE]

    I think Giavonni should appear at sometime in the game . Perhaps he'll batlle you at the Goldenrod Tower. OR he'll be a frontier brain instead, but i think he will appear this time, one way or another
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    Movepool Changes YOU want to see in HG/SS

    I think chikorita will learn ancientpower to help out with the first two gyms at around level 13-15 instead of poison powder. Why poisonpowder is learned i dont know
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    Gym Leaders / Elite Four Discussion

    that would ruin pokemon heart gold and soul silver the only pokemon that would be seen of the 3rd and fourth gen before beating the elite 4 would be shellos or gastrodon because of its different sprites depending on region, and even thats going overboard