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    a 5th gen RMT? oh my!

    So really that U-Turn strategy would only work once? Damn... Thanks for the help anyway.
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    a 5th gen RMT? oh my!

    Hey guys, here is my first black white team! Hope it goes well. From watching videos on YouTube, Ononokonusu, Doryuuzuu, and Shandera are the main threats so far, so I have considered them when making this team. Team at a glance: Team building process: I read...
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    New Team is New

    This team has little synergy, and it's not safe to run to two weather effects together. Take out Frosslass as Hail does nothing to help this team. Houndoom and Altaria are outclassed by Heatran and Dragonite respectively. Heatran @ Life Orb Flash Fire Timid / Naive 252 SpA 4SpD 252Spe...
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    Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

    Errror: Gravity isn't in the attackdex Link: http://www.serebii.net/attackdex/
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    Ask a Question Thread v5.0 - READ FIRST POST

    Cool, I'll go with Gliscor with Toxic, as it's my only way to beat stall. Thanks.
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    Ask a Question Thread v5.0 - READ FIRST POST

    Would a Gliscor work as a better stallkiller then Breloom in a sandstorm team? Gliscor @ Leftovers Sand Veil Adamant 252HP 252Spe 4Def ~Taunt ~Earthquake ~Roost ~Toxic / U-Turn Breloom @ Toxic Orb Poison Point Adamant 14HP 252Atk 244Spe ~ Substitute ~ Spore ~ Seed Bomb ~ Focus Punch and If...
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    What Instruments Do You Play?

    I play drums, bass, double bass, guitar, piano, keyboard, an bassoon :) and all percussion instruments... if they count.
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    Serebii.net Suggestion Thread

    Could you possibly add a right-click feature so I can open it a separate tab?
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    Ask a Question Thread v5.0 - READ FIRST POST

    Alright, thanks.
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    Ask a Question Thread v5.0 - READ FIRST POST

    That lead idea is pretty cool, I might incorporate it into a trick room team. Would I be able to switch either EQ or SE for Double Edge?
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    Ask a Question Thread v5.0 - READ FIRST POST

    I recently got an Adamant Cubone with high Defense IVs, is this any good/what moveset would I want for it?
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    Damn Sandstorm...

    Thanks, just edited the team. I'l start making this team tonight if no other help comes.
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    Damn Sandstorm...

    But Wailord is NU, so I doubt I would ever see it any battle?
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    Damn Sandstorm...

    Yeah, this is an OU team.
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    Damn Sandstorm...

    Hey guys, I have recently gotten back into pokemon. I decided to make an annoying stall sandstorm team. I've planned this for Wi-Fi battles, and after all of your help I will begin to make it. Thanks. Edits will be in bold Team at a glance Heatran @ Shuca Berry...
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    uhhmm yeah ou team

    Hey, I just got back into pokemone after my friends geting platinum and having someone to play with when wifi is down so yeah... Here's my team, ;279; Pelipper @ Leftovers Keen Eye Modest 252Spa 252HP 4Def ~Surf ~Roost ~Hidden Power {fire} ~Air Slash I needed a Scizor counter...
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    Things we learned from Yugioh Abridged

    Bakuras not gay, he's british Yami Bakura isn't british, he's gay
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    which pokemon symbolises you the most

    Choice Specs Swampert is me. Because I'm different : )
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    Competitive Single Rates 5.0!

    Pelipper @ Leftovers Keen Eye Modest 252Spa 252HP 4Def ~Surf ~Roost ~Hidden Power {fire} ~Air Slash I needed a Scizor counter so I looked up pokemon which resist his main three stabs. Pelipper has alright defence and good Special Attack so I thought he was good to use. I’ve made him...
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    Inexperienced team

    This belongs in in game team rate: http://www.serebiiforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=144