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    #172 Pichu / #025 Pikachu / #026 Raichu

    I have pikachus with volt tackle. looking for a UT timid manaphy. let me know! edit: Also have relaxed and mild SURFING pikachus UT
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    Event Trading Thread

    looking for an UT Timid Manaphy. Offering an UT Timid Darkrai or a Modest TRU UT Arceus
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    #493 Arceus

    I have a DW Arceus AND a TRU Arceus (Modest). both UT Will trade either for a UT Timid Manaphy.
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    #491 Darkrai

    I have an UT Timid Darkrai. Looking for an UT Timid Manaphy PM me!
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    #489 Phione / #490 Manaphy

    Give me a Manaphy (must be timid and UT) offering Darkrai (Timid and UT)
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    Upcoming Manga release thread

    is 40 going to be the last one?
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    #489 Phione / #490 Manaphy

    looking for a UT TRU Manaphy. I have various events for trade. Also some shinies. I can trade a UT shiny eevee for one. Let me know!
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    hey, thanks for letting me know about the kanto dreamworld starters. appreciate it man.

    hey, thanks for letting me know about the kanto dreamworld starters. appreciate it man.
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    #004 Charmander / #005 Charmeleon / #006 Charizard

    someone trade me a dream world female charmander please. let me know if you one.
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    #072 Tentacool / #073 Tentacruel

    Looking for a DW tentacool female. Let me know what you want.
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    Pokemon Dream World Discussion Thread - Read the FAQ in the first post!

    ^cant wait until I crack 10K points hahah. I need a female dream world dratini lol. And also some EV reducing berries espicially HP. I guess I must be patient unless one of you kind folks are willing to trade me some berries :)
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    Which Eeeveelution did you chose in the 'Befriend a Pokemon' game?

    how do you know when it saves? lol i cant seem to find the umbreon i got anywhere.
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    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    for the global link event with the eevee game, how many orbs do i need to break to get an umbreon? or is it completely random?
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    Celebi to be released in Feb

    ^wutttt does that mean, if i downloaded the ones from the mall tour i wont be able to download it from gamestop?
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    Celebi to be released in Feb

    Got my celebis at the mall tour today. Also got a spiritomb which made it more amazing lol
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    The Azure Flute - what was the point?

    Ahhhh. That sucks. lol I havent read much about BW because I dont want to spoil anything. But can you send items from HG/SS to B/W?
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    The Azure Flute - what was the point?

    Maybe they will make it available in B/W? And make you bring it backwards to D/P/P
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    Meta Steel

    if he is building a mono steel team, this is inevitable. The only way to get past these weaknesses would be to include other types.
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    What Made Your Day?

    this made my day.
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    What flowers to you are pleasant?

    I would not like flowers as a gift. lol but i can see why others would