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    The Most Challenging Champion?

    Cynthia!!!! ): Yesterday I grinded all my team up to lvl60 and she still beat me! It was very close though, but it still makes me feel weak, as I thought and was so confident that I could beat her on my first try T^T . C'est La Pokémon Vie.
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    日本音楽部 [Japanese Music Club]

    Can I please join? I really love everything about Japan! Including the music ! I like to listen to traditional japanese music , J-pop and especially Vocaloid ! I really hope thus club can be popular again! Good luck! Also in japan they sell the soundtrack for every pokemon game, and they're...
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    Animal Crossing Series

    Ughhh..... When am I going to get the chance to go to GameStop or Future shop to buy this awesome game! ): I really want it
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    The Singles Rate Thread [Read the Rules and Follow the Format]

    Hi, do you still need help with schuckle? If so, I have a moveset that has really worked for me and I would like to share it with you (: Support: Shuckle @ Leftovers/Quick claw Contrary/doesn't matter Bold/sassy 4 HP, 252 Def, 252 SpDef - Power Split - Guard split - Power Trick -...
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    Grass-Type Pokemon Club

    It feels like ages since I've been on here :P happy 2014 everybody ! And I was so happy to see the grass club first in the subforum (: I just really like to use any grass type on my team (: but I've grown to love a couple especially I suppose. I've always wanted a venusaur but never got one...
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    what motivates you more?

    Definitely fear of punishment , because if you fail to do the task which you are motivated to do by reward , nothing changes, good or bad which is just fine with me , but vice versa for punishment and punishment can be scary >_<
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    How do you choose your starter?

    I almost always pick grass because its my fave type! But I mostly choose starters on their looks and if they have stats I like (:
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    Will you choose X or Y and Why?

    Pokemon X because I like the legendary a lot better (:
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    Is gender and/or the Poké Ball important to you?

    Actually, gender does matter to me most of the time when thinking of the pokemon I want on my team, because of nicknames and little "characters" I assign to them XD Pokeballs don't matter to me really. |: I did catch a scolipede with a dusk ball on purpose though because I thought it looked cool
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    Grass-Type Pokemon Club

    What's the OP? What do you guys think of the Kalos grass pokemon ? Nothing much for be really, and plus there is very little kalos pokemon /: sorta wish there was more kalos pokemon
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    Animal Crossing Series

    The first game Im gonna buy for my 3DS will be animal crossing new leaf! I'm so eager to play it !
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    The Easy Button

    To be honest I sort of agree with the guy in the vid. But it didn't ruin the game, they also did a similiar invincibility thing with new super Mario bros for the nintendo DS
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    Favourite Christmas carol/song?

    Here's a little poll to get us into the Christmas spirit! Oh, and please remember basic ettiquete (:
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    NEWBITISM ALERT - I'm a newb

    Your always welcome in the serebii community! Welcome! And I don't think the UK is inhospitable. I'm British
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    Share one lesson that you learned in life

    I learned that you should always be grateful and happy for what you have, rather than be ungrateful and always unhappy with your life, because there is always someone that has less than you in any way and wishes they could have what you have .
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    I couldn't help it but you have one of the most interesting and strange name I've seen on this...

    I couldn't help it but you have one of the most interesting and strange name I've seen on this forum Lol
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    That's cool you're so close to finishing school (: does college come after highschool? I thought...

    That's cool you're so close to finishing school (: does college come after highschool? I thought university comes after highschool but they're different things , right? A culinary course sound fun , much more fun than cleaning a kitchen ( Im still waiting for "funner" to become a real word) . I...
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    Pokémon TCG Questions Thread [general questions]

    Sorry for asking so many questions!(^_^;) Im new to the TCG . My question is, when building a deck , you can only have 4 copies of each card, but does the same card from a different expansion count as one of the four cards ? could I have 4 jungle switch cards and 4 arceus switch cards in my deck...
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    sorry but I'd rather keep my location private /: can't wait to play X and Y with the new battle...

    sorry but I'd rather keep my location private /: can't wait to play X and Y with the new battle look!(*゚▽゚*) when R U getting X and Y ?
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    Grass-Type Pokemon Club

    yes I love jumpluff! Jumpluff is unloved by so many people, but not in the grass club! I use him in Heartgold . Jumpluff is meant to be an annoyer, so use moves like leech seed and substitute , maybe even taunt. also , can you still claim pokemon here ? if so can I please claim tangrowth?