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  1. C.J. Ray

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread

    I have no idea. :confused: Finally beat the main story, sadly still without Dragon Pulse on my Charizard or Ice Beam on my Lanturn. The title screen now shows my winning team. I guess it's okay but I miss the previous entries which did the catwalk thing with each of your Pokemon. I guess...
  2. C.J. Ray

    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    I'm replying to Bolt the Cat's comments: 1: Field Moves being removed completely, I can understand you. Playing Ultra Sun again I really like you couldn't get to certain treasures and you had to backtrack once you got a certain Ride like Sharpedo which could smash rocks in the water. However, I...
  3. C.J. Ray

    3rd Version/Sequels?

    I think the next set of Gen 8 will be the Diamond/Pearl remakes. The Great Marsh could be that game's Wild Area. They wouldn't have Dynamax battles for the gyms because it wouldn't make sense but you could have Max Raid Battles in the Great Marsh, probably post-game; Professor Magnolia will...
  4. C.J. Ray

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread

    Just cleared Raihan myself. The fact his gym does double battles threw me off. I got through the mission fine but I stupidly switched Charizard into Stealth Rock and wasted my Dynamax on Charizard who went down to Raihan's G-Max Duraludon. Embarassing. :oops: Luckily, its Max Knuckle and...
  5. C.J. Ray

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread

    Forgot to add that I had a Level 57 Scrafty who worked Gordie easily.
  6. C.J. Ray

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread

    Bought Pokemon Shield, played it up to the 8th gym, deleted my save because I wanted to trade with it when I got a Switch lite, and downloaded Pokemon Sword and now I am on my way to the 7th Gym. My team has no new Pokemon, all old ones, but they give me a ton of immunities. I ditched my starter...
  7. C.J. Ray

    Unrest at the Nursery (756)

    I saw the episode on Cartoononline.com, and noticed something - they used the Japanese intro and ending but the episode was dubbed! Does that mean that they're going to have the original intro and ending from now on? No, course not, they just put this at the end of Rival Destinies.
  8. C.J. Ray

    WTF Shippings

    This isn't a weird shipping I heard, it's a weird one I MADE UP because technically these two characters will NEVER meet except in fanfic due to the isolationist attitude of the franchise... StirFryShipping: Flannery x Cilan I made it up because I made characters with those names in The...
  9. C.J. Ray

    your greatest moment of exploration and ur team duh

    This is not a movie forum, I have reported your post. Next time, don't spam movie ads. :(
  10. C.J. Ray

    The B/W Scramble Challenge Thread

    I messed up a bit on my Scramble - I forgot Aqua Ring was a water move and had my Tympole use it a few times. As punishment, I added the restriction that it had to defeat three evolved or one-stage grass Pokemon(it wiped out two Lilligant in the shaking grass in Pinwheel Forest and a Maractus in...
  11. C.J. Ray

    The B/W Scramble Challenge Thread

    To whoever gave me a Audino... So while I could have gotten Audino after the first badge, I couldn't get it before, so now way was I going to get it before I conquered Chili and by that time, it didn't matter. I got my six-Pokemon scramble team anyway. Shame, as that would have worked great...
  12. C.J. Ray

    The B/W Scramble Challenge Thread

    PokemonOwn - I don't think I stated, but I am NOT taking any "XXXX must beat E4 member/N's final team/Ghestis's Pokemon" restricted Pokemon. Sorry about that, but I'd like to have a reasonable challenge and have all my Pokemon evolve fully the Elite 4; also, as I said, NO INSANE CHALLENGES...
  13. C.J. Ray

    The B/W Scramble Challenge Thread

    Thanks to those who replied. As I said, I am going into a special home program - I will be able to take my computer with me, but the connection won't be as great as it is now, so it may be a while before I can get started. Sounds like a challenge! Yamask/Cof*grigus isn't really one of my...
  14. C.J. Ray

    The B/W Scramble Challenge Thread

    Snivy! My favorite starter of the trio! (I just got back from watching the current episode of the anime, and I loved watching Ash catch it. ^_^) The restrictions are fine, cannillo123. It'll be a bit tough having it fight in Pinwheel with all those bug Pokemon around but no problem. And while...
  15. C.J. Ray

    The B/W Scramble Challenge Thread

    Hi! I'm back! ^_^ Reminds me of Ash's gym battle with Burgh - I won't post spoilers here other than this. Heh... ;182; Anyways, I may try this if I can get my hands on another copy of Black or White next month - am low on reserve $ and I want to use my Gamestop points to purchase a used copy...
  16. C.J. Ray

    Ash's fully evolved Pokemon loosing to pre-evolved Pokemon...

    Uhm, you do realize that Snover probably used ice attacks, and Gliscors is quadruple weak to ice attacks, so it sweeping Candice is highly unrealistic, even with Ash's crazy-*** luck with his Pokemon dodging and resisting attacks. <_< I know I haven't seen the episode yet - we here in the USA...
  17. C.J. Ray

    DP 128: Battle Pyramid! Brandon VS Paul! Speculation Thread

    Sounds like a great episode, though. I can't wait for it to come out here, probably in October.
  18. C.J. Ray

    What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

    I don't see why they would give you Fast and Heavy Balls, those were so last-gen. Of course, they'll probably have to deal with the apricorns, but if they do this, we might get black apricorns = Dusk Balls, and other stuff. I don't mind that change, as long as they keep the game ploit as it was...
  19. C.J. Ray

    Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

    Oops, forgot to change that. I like this new girl, but something tells me that she was just put there as a side character. I love it if that's the new female avatar of the games because she looks prettier than Dawn, May, or Sammy(the Leaf Green / Fire Red girl) combined. :D
  20. C.J. Ray

    Shield With A Twist! (570)

    I really really enjoyed this gym battle. The Sinnoh Gyms are much more fun and tense than their Hoenn counterparts. Heck, Kanto and Johto have nothing to say after watching this. I know Kanto was written when the writers were just starting the story, but they could have taken a few minutes to...