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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

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    5th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

    i'm replaying my black 2 with a bug monotype challenge, and it's fairly entertaining. My only problem is fitting HM slaves into my team comp. So far my bugs are: Heracross, Dwebble, Leavanny, and scolipede. I was going to add a vespequeen, but combee had a twice as likely percent chance of...
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    did 234 RE's in a friend safari that had Dragonaire and fraxure and got Fraxure on the 234th! it was for a friend. I sent two (somewhat newish to the pokemon series) friends a list of all my safari pokemon i can catch and offered to get them a shiny. Next up is my other friend who asked for...
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    did a 180 chain on fomantis before i had to give up just due to needing to buy more supplies and such. pretty disappointed with how that went. Thinking of starting a black 2 monotype or shiny badge quest, but since it's full odds that kind of scares me. If i had two 3ds's i'd do a shiny badge on...
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    caught this cutie as my first SOS chain attempt at getting shinies!!! took 49 encounters according to my leftover PP (minus rounds where the call failed/didn't happen) i've also gotten half a dozen wormhole shinies since my last post but that's rather boring. Sigalyph, alteria (dupe i already...
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    Can i play ultrasun/moon

    none of the game is in 3d. ..okay, technically not true, the photograph mini game is in 3d, but that's literally it. that's it. that's all the 3d. They've realized the 3d is a fps-dropping gimmick that doesn't work for pokemon games so they focused more effort into the actual fluidity and...
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    Which real life place would you like to see as a pokemon region?

    California would be interesting- a big desert with lots of ocean to explore and islands but also good mountainous regions (not much forests though) another idea would be Canada- lots of snow, some ocean but not as prominent as other games, mountains, and lots of forest, but also abandoned...
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    I'm faced with the predicament of getting the shiny charm in Ultra Moon because that means i have to evolve poipole and if i want to have a living dex it's probably easier to find an evolved one online that someone doesn't want than a poipole since most people want him for the pokedex. anyways i...
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    What Is The Best Main Series Pokemon Game?

    the peak for me was b/w. not for lack of trying- i've played roughly 500 hours on every generation (minus 1), but the most exciting/ fun / enjoyable to me was b/w.
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    What game should i buy?

    What this person says is true about the clock, and it can be annoying. You can change it in game without changing your 3DS clock, but only after you beat the main story.
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    Main series Pokemon, getting old?

    Some of us have complete living pokedex's that we've been working on for years and don't want to see become useless. anyways, i think the last game that got the formula (gameplay/pacing/mechanics, not "beat gym leaders fight bad team beat e4") right for me was B/W. Ever since X/Y there's been...
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    Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon? Which version are you getting?

    i got both sun and moon, but after playing both i don't have the energy to sit through another cumulative 20 hours of text box mashing TWO times, so I only went with Ultra Moon. Plus, it's so easy with the way the UB are distributed to get dupes and trade for exclusives... I actually like how...
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    Pokémon Sun and Moon - General Discussion Thread

    just finished moon after having completed sun (and i'm halfway through ultra moon ) and let me just say: please, nintendo gods, if you're listening, let us skip cutscenes in the next games SOMEHOW. when you make your game have a cutscene in virtually every single area in every single island...
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    Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread

    been a while since I updated. I finished the game. All my pokes are around level 70 right now. My team, in the end, was the following: Decidueye Mimikyu Kommo-o Salazzle Vikavolt Solageo I did all the after story missions, captures all the Tapu's, and I'm now working on completing a living...
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    Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread

    beat the final kahuna. current team: Crabrawler 52 (which i heavily regret) Salazzle 51 Decidueye 53 Vikavolt 53 (FINALLY) Mimikyu 52 (literally besides rowlet the only poke on my team that i dont regret/gave me a headache) sandygast 34 (pokedex) Pro tip to anyone who hasnt gotten to that...
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    Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread

    Well i shortly after my last post realized that only female salandit evolves, so that was a huge headache. needless to say i'm now overleveled besides her. Decidueye 44 Crabrawler 41 Ribombee 41 Charjabug 42 Salazzle 35 Mareanie 33 (pokedex- about to evolve) I'm planning to replace Ribombee...
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    Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread

    Just beat the electric trial (should be called the one species trial lol) and my team is Charjabug 37 Ribombee 36 Crabrawler 36 Decidueye 38 Salandit 35 (Mareanie 20 training for pokedex) Not sure who I want in my final slot. I still have a lot of fire weakness and not much to do...
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    Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread

    Loving it now, really got into the swing of things. Just beat the fire trial, my team right now is Charjabug 23 Dartrix 29 Crabwrawler 25 Cutiefly 24 Meowth (for pickup) 23 Bouncee 24 (training on side for pokedex) probably going to add that GNARLY FIRE POISON TYPE LIZARD SO HYPED FOR THAT. Also...
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    Sun & Moon Recent Happenings Thread

    So i picked Rowlet only because I didn't want to spend hours SRing for a female popplio, so here I am in that Melemele meadow. So far I haven't seen any pokemon I really want besides Cutiefly who i'm now training.. I also wanted that one crab but none of the berry trees are letting me get him...
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    Is Pokémon less popular than it used to be?

    I think pokemon has been successful and that hype surrounding sun and moon has been great, AND GO Also added to that hype even more, creating a ridiculous amount of hype for a game im sure a lot of people are starting to realize they don't really want now that GO has died down. I mean, it...