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    Which character(s) had the most wasted potential in the anime?

    Tracey. He got an entire season, then he gets dumped and largely forgotten about apart from Pokemon Chronicles. He deserved better.
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    Which were the best arcs in the anime?

    The Larvitar arc was one of the best ones. They really did a good job with drama and suspense, and the fact that Larvitar makes it out fine in the end is the best part. It was a nice change to have a little more mature drama injected into the show with kidnapping, depression, and learning to...
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    I made some Spotify playlists for two unappreciated characters - Casey and Ritchie

    I like Casey, I identify with her die-hard love for the Electabuzz baseball team. As a Chicago Cubs fan, I know the struggle of keeping the spirit alive when the playing isn't as good but sticking with the team and cheering them on. Richie I'm neutral on, but I don't hate him.
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    Who are you favorite dub voice actors?

    Eric Stuart (Brock/James 4Kids) Bill Rogers (Brock TCPi) Maddie Blaustein (Meowth II 4Kids) James Cathcart (James/Meowth TCPI) Veronica Taylor (Ash/May/Delia 4Kids)
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    Pokemon Go Discussion

    Update: Although I was frustrated by the Campfire map, I am absolutely in love with the raid joining feature, which I tried for the first time after I posted a couple of weeks ago. I had so much frustration trying to get people to join raids, when I can only get around two days a week and...
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    What are your favorite songs from the pop dub soundtracks of the first 2 movies?

    I love Brother My Brother from the first soundtrack, and from the second one the song of Lugia and the prophecy set to song. I also love the They Don't Understand song, I don't remember which soundtrack had it (it sounds so dated today considering the kids that heard that song are probably...
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    Pokemon Go Discussion

    I really wish they would fix the Campfire map so we could rotate it. I prefer positioning my avatar so the road is running top to bottom of the screen, but the map only runs right to left. I've pretty much given up trying to use it to find the nearest pokestops and gyms because I can't rotate...
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    Moments in Pokemon that stuck with you

    I remember when I was playing Pokemon Pearl and I found a shiny Psyduck, my second-ever shiny after Kricketune in Diamond. Seeing one of my favorite pokemon sparkle blue at night started my focus on shiny hunting which still continues to this day. I still play the games all the way through...
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    Favorite pika clone?

    I like Pachirisu the most, cute little squirrel, far cuter than the Sword and Shield squirrels.
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    What's the first episode of the anime you remember watching?

    The first thing I remember watching is Pokemon the First Movie. I had had no exposure to the anime apart from the news on the Porygon episode and had no knowledge of the games, so the movie was definitely a fresh experience. I remember I kept watching for Team Rocket to turn up again...
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    Which gym leader’s clothing do you like the most?

    I've always had a fondness for Wallace's clothes
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    Who are your favorite rivals for Ash’s traveling companions?

    The OG non-Ash rival, Drew, will always be the best. ^_^ I despise Ursula, and at first I didn't like Harley, but he grew on me.
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    Which Ash transition to a new saga was handled the best?

    Gotta Catch Ya Later is still the best transition episode IMO
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    Least favorite saga of the anime?

    BW could have had so much more potential if unfortunate unexpected real-life events hadn't derailed the plotline in the first season. I did like Cilan and Iris, it's just that it could have been a REALLY good saga. And then there was the disappointing rival Trip.
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    Favorite (and Also Least Favorite) Running Gags

    I loved all the Brock-stopping gags (Misty, Max, and Croagunk) and the popping (from pokeballs) pokemon (Psyduck, Wobbuffet for seasons 3-5). I really hated Trip and his "boonies" schtick. I was tired after one episode.
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    Which starter trio is your favorite?

    Generation 4 is still the only generation where I love all the starters equally for their battling prowess.
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    Favorite Simian pokemon?

    Infernape is the best, definitely.
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    Which are your favorite bird pokemon?

    Pelipper doesn't get much love, but it's one of my favorite battlers in game after game since Hoenn (minus Pokemon Go, I've yet to get a good one). It may have x4 weakness to electricity and can be pulverized by rock, but it hits hard with flying, water, and ice type moves.
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    Favorite Ash gym battle in Hoenn

    I liked his battle with Flannery, it was interesting to see the behind the scenes of gym battling (I'm glad they did that once in Pokemon Chronicles with Misty's gym too once).
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    Favorite Team Rocket pokemon in the anime?

    Wobbuffet by far is my favorite, but I also love Cacnea, it was so adorable. ^_^