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    Dex Entry Trading Thread

    Hey! I just need Meloetta to finish the national dex. I will trade back. Thank you :) I have Mew,Hoopa,Celebi,Jirachi,Diancie,Genesect,Zygarde,Darkrai. Hoopa is also for trade for Victini or Genesect,but send a post, if you want to keep Hoopa. thank you Friend code 5129-3551-1174
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    The Animé Industry is Dying

    no,I think the anime industry is doing fine,people just have different tastes in animes and they will continue to sell well.
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    The Sapphire Story (PG-13)

    I just finished reading your story and it's great,could you please PM me when the next chapter is up.
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    Noobiest Moments in FR/LG?

    I forgot to buy revives and potions before I fought the Elite Four.
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    Easiest 4th Gen Battle Facility?

    I would have to say that the Battle Castle was the easiest for me.
  6. C

    top 5 3rd gen pokemon

    1.Gardevoir 2.Ludicolo 3.Milotic 4.Camerupt 5.Altaria
  7. C

    Umbreon or Vaporeon

    I would go with Vaporeon.
  8. C

    Strongest Legendary

    I think that mewtwo is the strongest.
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    Going, Going, Yawn! (332)

    This episode was really good. 9/10
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    Poetry Commotion! (331)

    Flannery is the best,this is a good episode.
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    How many times did you beat the Elite four?

    I have beat the Elite four about 25 times on my Silver game.
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    Hardest Gym Leader

    I had the most trouble with Whitney and Clair.
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    Mach or Acro?

    I used the Mach bike the most.
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    Favorite Generation 4 Game?

    I am going to go with Platinum for now,until HGSS come out.
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    R/S/E v.s. FR/LG

    I like R/S/E the best,they had new pokemon and they were fun to play and the gym leaders were a challenge.
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    Who Did you Choose

    I started with Torchic and I usually go with Torchic or Mudkip.
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    Favorite Gym Leader: who's your favorite?

    Flannery is my favorite because I like Fire type pokemon.
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    Did you like the gym changes in platinum?

    I liked the changes they made to the game,it made it more fun.