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    DP 137 - Marril, Piplup and Elekid! speculation thread

    Great. Now bold this at the start of every speculation thread.
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    Ground types?

    Never mind the attacks, all Rock types share a physical component to their armor that actually is rocky. Even Rampardos and Aerodactyl can be argued to contain their bit within their skulls. Ground types can never follow that up, be it Donphan's leathery hyde, Marowak and Sandslash's bone armor...
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    Hippowdon curiosity!

    I do find it quite stupid for a creature that literally engulfs itself in piping hot desert sand to be black. If that were its exoskeleton or scales it wouldn't matter too much, but why would soft fleshy hippo skin want to openly invite the blazing sun, especially when all else light-colored...
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    Pokemon in Canada

    It's weird for you guys to be pleased so easily at whatever exact blend of programming YTV actually is. Down here we're savagely attacking Cartoon Network tooth and nail for every business decision. Someone times you can be too peaceful, too much Lithium in your water maybe??
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    A Live Action Pokemon Movie?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QCMc6KwpLw Not even if it were 90 minutes of that. Please keep the American artistic license separate from my japanophile fantasies.
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    The Drifting Snorunt (584)

    Froslass: Come with me if you'RE TOO STUPID TO DRESS APPROPRIATELY FOR THE SNOW. If I wanted some dank nugs on this show, I would catch me a ghost. Good thing Ash and the gang ended up with pants this time. Hey, if you can't trust the devil, who can you trust? Great work today guys! We...
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    Stealing A Conversation (583)

    Oh dear, Team Rocket's doing that thing they do! The difference between you and me, Ash? I make this LOOK GOOD. "I'm a wild Jenny" He's been charged with 2nd degree EAT IT, ASH! Extraordinary Jenny or the bad guy from Terminator 2? You decide! ...somebody..kill Chatot.. Even...
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    why are fruit names so taboo?

    Fruit's one syllable fits much easier in the script time frame, allotting extra time to squeeze some of the longer, silly vocabulary they like to use. They've only had proper names when the fruits are being listed, or team rocket wants to rhyme the name of a fruit with another line.
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    Ash Sceptile - Evolve before League. Battle Frontier should've focused on drama for old pokemon. Have Slam replace Pound. Slam is open to interpretation so it can be performed different ways, one which resembles Pound. No Solarbeam, seriously. It's one big overpowered Bullet Seed, and Sceptile's...
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    Whats the greatest thing about the Pokemon Series so far?

    The battling. Nothing even comes close. Without it I would've moved on somewhere in Johto. Interpretation of the games is poor and doesn't matter to me, for all I care the anime world could have been completely independent and injected an element of realism to the show. Original or dub music...
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    Another One Gabites The Dust! (582)

    The Poffins trigger a swine in heat! EVERYBODY HIT THE PAVEMENT! Gabite: Let's attach a jet engine to Grovyle, bulk everything but the arms, and not worry about the repercussions of carrying so much weight at its core. Let the anger flow through you Pachirisu...mama needs a new Charge...
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    The SUMMER 2009 Thread of Death: What in God's name is happening?!?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndBVaJpvvEg 5:10 Yesterday's Pitchmen tribute to Billy turned out nice. I still don't want it canceled, some of the technology showcased, normally hidden from the public eye, is absolutely amazing.
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    So did that Ron Paul part make it to the film? Edit: Did I read that right? hahahaha thank you mr. paul for allowing the market to do this.
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    Meowth VS Purugly

    Would be better if Meowth kicked the fuzz out of Purugly via piloting one of Team Rocket's mechs. That's his special talent.
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    A question

    Seriously guys, SINGLE ANIME QUESTIONS **READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD**. This section is being flooded by all these unworthy threads where the first few posts get repeated ad infitum. Oh, who am I kidding. They're all made by newly registered members who are barely realizing "maybe I shouldn't...
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    What Specific Filler Episodes Would've Eliminated From The Johto Saga...

    Just understand I'm not saying throw Ring Masters into the dungeon when there were so many other Johto fillers having no redeemable qualities. Looking back at some pictures of this, this was the only battling episode between the two gyms surrounding this. Ash such it was devoted entirely to...
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    Pikachu: Worth Stealing anymore?

    It's worth noting that Pikachu is probably the only strong Pokemon they actually have a shot of catching, because it's been encased time and time again. Team Rocket probably knows their limits deep inside, and being persistent over something like Lugia would just result in a lot of hurt.
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    What Specific Filler Episodes Would've Eliminated From The Johto Saga...

    No, you don't get to fuss about this. It was far too much like other Johto fillers for me to care. The COTD was blant, the Feraligatr of the day sucked, too many boring sequences of either Pokemon manhandling each other or bouncing off of Snorlax's stomach, even Team Rocket was cut shorter than...
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    Extrasensory In the anime??

    Why don't you just ask in the Anime Questions Sticky near the top of the page? Or better yet, use the Bulbapedia. The answer is no. This attack gets the excuse that is pretty exclusive and very rarely do we even get to see one of its users. In general, a lot of Psychic attacks work this way and...
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    What Specific Filler Episodes Would've Eliminated From The Johto Saga...

    I have to agree with that, too much time spent making those boring matches serious or tactical, I think only the one against Golem actually explained anything about the sumo fighting style and its benefits, Ash cheap-KO'd his way to the top and really learned no lessons on better using Snorlax...