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  1. K

    Ingame Single Rates/Single Movesets Requests

    Hi, I just need an opinion on my Wi-Fi event Scizor's IVs, that's all. Scizor - Adamant HP: 10 - 11 Att: 28 - 30 Def: 30 - 31 SpA: 12 - 13 SpD: 30 - 31 Speed: 31 Great defense, special defense and speed, but I was hoping for better HP. Attack isn't perfect either. Unfortunately, his...
  2. K

    Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

    Really? I remember running out of trainers in R/B/Y and in R/S/E and having to resort to level grind on wild pokemon. I didn't have to much of a problem in Pearl, but later in the game; raising a newly hatched pokemon to level 50 was a real headache. I don't think anyone is seeing this like...
  3. K

    Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

    I, personally, can't stand random encounters, you have almost no way of controlling it. I also hate that dumb, little battle jingle when a pokemon pops up. It seems like an eternity when the wild pokemon does its animation, text box appears, you throw the pokeball, your pokemon does its...
  4. K

    Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

    Oh, guys! Y'know! Think of something like Paper Mario, Chrono Trigger or EarthBound. On screen encounters or ambushes. I might be a little hard to pull off and it might not work too well. I'm just throwing ideas out there. Random encounters was what old NES RPGs used. It's not that big of...
  5. K

    Well it only took em 5 years-Daigasso! Band Brothers finally coming west

    Wow! It seems everything that appeared in Brawl is getting localized or getting a sequel (Except for EarthBound and Mother 3, of course. :I) Starfy, Sin & Punishment, Golden Sun 3, Punch-Out!!, etc... And now this!
  6. K

    Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

    Well, you know. That's the weird thing about it. I DO enjoy playing Pokemon. It's just that after a while it gets old. Don't get me wrong. Pokemon Pearl is one of my favorite games. After I noticed that a spend 300 hours every game, I realized how little changed between those games. I...
  7. K

    Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

    Isn't Black and White promised to be a "revolution" of Pokemon? The Pokemon series is about 14 years old now, and it hasn't changed since. It's long overdue. So what does this mean? NO MORE RANDOM BATTLES. NOT BEING LIMITED TO TILE MOVEMENT. FINALLY BEING ABLE TO WALK DIAGONALLY. I'd be...
  8. K

    Ingame Single Rates/Single Movesets Requests

    Argh. Darn. Oh well, Thanks for the reply. Back to resetting. :(
  9. K

    Ingame Single Rates/Single Movesets Requests

    I've been having terrible luck. I'm still soft resetting my 2008 Toy R Us Darkrai for a good nature and decent IVs. I think I have one now, what do you think? Darkrai - #491 (Modest) (Alert to sounds) HP: 20 - 21 Att: 6 - 7 Def: 30 - 31 SpA: 6 - 7 SpD: 14 - 15 Speed: 31 Do you...
  10. K

    Official User Name Change Thread--READ 1ST POST

    Name: Mitsu-O Request: KonaKona
  11. K

    Shiny Giratina up for trade....still

    Shiny Kyogre, shiny Shinx, and shiny Drifloon?
  12. K

    Missed my chance. Trying again...

    I have a shiny modest female Kirlia. Can I have Skarmory for it?
  13. K

    Shiny Manaphy Up for Trade

    How about shiny Palkia and shiny Turtwig?
  14. K

    Shiny Manaphy Up for Trade

    Shiny Kyogre and shiny Shinx?
  15. K

    Please Help!

    I've got a level 1 shiny Turtwig that knows Seed bomb, but it has a serious nature. Do you still want it? What are your shiny pokemon's natures?
  16. K

    i have 2 shiny larvitars

    Shiny Kirlia for shiny Larvitar? Shiny Kyogre for shiny Dialga?
  17. K

    i have 2 shiny larvitars

    Shiny Turtwig for one? Can I also have a shiny Dialga? I give you a shiny Palkia for it.
  18. K

    Shiny Eevees

    A shiny Kirlia for one?
  19. K

    Looking for Mew and Celebi (LEGITAMITE)

    I have a Japanese Mew I got from GTS. It looks legit, but I can't say for sure because I don't know what the events in Japan are like. It's lv.30 and it's in a pokeball. It's OT is Satoshi and it says it arrived from Hoenn. What natures are your Jirachis?