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    Team Plans in General

    My first time playing any Pokemon game was on an emulator/rom <I know i'm a Smooth Criminal> version of Crystal. I'll probably try to remake that squad to the best of my memory. Something like... Chikorita Arcanine Slowbro Gligar Heracross Haunter <couldn't evolve him lol> Yep - that...
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    The Mystery Dungeon 2 Strategy Guide

    Heya man, Great Thread. Have you compiled a list of which pokes are in which IQ bracket? If so could you provide a link in the OP so we could click and check what pokes get what particular traits, I'm looking for a <Group H> so i can get 'Fast Friend' and have him be my recruiter...
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    Filling Out My PMD2 Team

    Well thats definitely good news. I thought *Earth Power was a single attack long range like *Energy Ball. So it's a slightly weaker *Earthquake but it uses the Special Attack/Defense stat and it doesn't hurt your allies. I can live with that although i'm gonna miss Vibrava form. I really dig...
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    Filling Out My PMD2 Team

    My bad - i thought *Earth Power was a shot like *Energy Ball only <Ground> type. What shape of damage does it do? That's actually not a bad idea although just like Gastrodon i'd be looking for a poke without the <Ground> typing to negate <Water> natural resist of <Ice>. Any poke that is...
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    Filling Out My PMD2 Team

    Thanks a ton man. I have trouble putting together PMD movesets when i'm used to more competitive sets. Figuring out how things adjust to the 3D environment is key to PMD choices. Good call on *Blizzard but now i'm wondering if i go *Earth Power > *Earthquake on Flygon should i also replace...
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    Filling Out My PMD2 Team

    Wow - thanks a ton man. This is all good stuff. *Earthquake puts a dent into my plans but if i have to keep her Trapinch until 65 then so be it. *Agility just got crazy good in my opinion. *Toxic would have been a little quirky anyway. <Reminds me of when i used to make 2v2 teams and i...
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    Filling Out My PMD2 Team

    Thx for reply, don't think i'm gonna use Gastrodon cause he's not my cup of tea but i see where u are going. 'Storm Drain' is pretty sick. I'm more concerned with <Ice> attacks then <Water> so i'd rather my <Water> type not have a <Ground> attached nullifying the 1/2 Damage to <Ice>. A...
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    Filling Out My PMD2 Team

    Heya guys, just finished the game yesterday and now i'm starting to make my post storyline team sans starter / partner. I have 3 of my pokes locked down and i'm looking for 4th to fill out the group. Here's what i'm working with... Breloom *Spore *Bullet Seed *Giga Drain *Wake Up Slap /...
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    Why did you choose your team name?

    You nailed it. Requiem is song / mass of the dead. So my team being named Requiem is like a metaphor for the fact that once they fall asleep they will be ushered off to the big sleep. The one they will never awake from. I feel sad now.
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    Why did you choose your team name?

    I named my Team 'Requiem' because i will using a Breloom as my main poke and having everyone sleep with *Spore. I'm gonna have Rotom on my team too and he'll be using *Dream Eater as a healing move just for the cool factor. If i could ever get my hands on Darkrai hold onto your hats...
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    A cool team set?

    My partner is Piplup and he snipes everything. He snipes stuff i haven't even seen on screen yet when i enter big rooms. Check Off all his other moves and turn his Tactics onto 'Go After Enemies'.
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    Riolu in EoD.

    I have a code for a male Riolu but i'm warning you ahead of time that you need to have opened up the Labyrinth Cave which i think is after you've beaten the game ... 6@YW ST%H +TN& C0K7 Y7#& SQ-7 ... Good Luck and Enjoy. =D
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    PMD2 Wonder Mail Code Thread

    Heya guys - just picked up this one from another board and this one's juicy junior, real juicy. <Props to GreatFox1313> Client: Riolu Objective: Explore with Riolu Place: Beach Cave <Floor 2> Difficulty: A or B Reward: Riolu Recruit MT=N +MMS -NM7 H4#+ 1JH7 CCFM I know there's other...
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    A cool team set?

    For some reason i could see myself being Skitty if i were to do this thing again. I'm sick of doing the old standard Fire / Water / Grass thing. Plus a female version could make serious use of 'Cute Charm' since it seems like so many pokes are dudes. It has a very nice movepool of...
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    What mission are you on in pmd2?

    Just started Chapter 6 <Team Skull> I was at the same place yesterday with another group <Piplup + Turtwig> but i started over with a new combo <Charmander + Piplup> that was more my style ---> although Waterfall Cave was much harder with this new team. Damn Woopers kept hitting Charmander...
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    post here if u got pmd 2 today :D

    Got my copy of PMD2 today at target around noon. Dark if any was curious. First impressions... *Love the graphics and dualscreen <I only had PMD Red so i'm guessing its less impressive for you Blue players> *Love the fact that it seems more difficult. <I don't know if its...
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    Fitting a Starter for PMD2:Dark

    Wow - thanks for tip. I had no idea it was bumped up to 4 pokes and that you had to have partner with ya all the time. I'll need to take more care in choosing a partner.
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    Fitting a Starter for PMD2:Dark

    Heya guys, Been a long time since i was here but i'm eagerly anticipating the release of PMD2 here in US and it got me to pickup my old PMD Red and give it a spin <It had been about a year and a half, lol>. First thing that jumped out at me was how much i loved Flygon. He was my numero...
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    Team In-Game

    Empoleon should have *Grass Knot > *Yawn / *Stealth Rock because it is a great Anti~Bulky Water. Just pick whichever support move you like better. I like mine <Bold> but that's up to you. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Rampardos doesn't...
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    FUTURE TEAm... pls give advice.. thnx

    Tyranitar w/Leftovers 'Sandstream' : Creates *Sandstorm upon entering battle. <Brave : +Att / -Spd> * Substitute * Focus Punch * Stone Edge * Crunch This poke was specifically for the team i gave you before. A *Sandstorm team has a lot of pokes who use *Earthquake so i wanted to give...