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    The SSBB Caption Contest

    Hmmm... only two people... it's not really enough considering it takes me half an hour to update every three days, time I don't have... I'll announce a winner for now but I think that will be it, without a new picture. I'll make the winner Yeshua-is-Lord with the post above mine...
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    The SSBB Caption Contest

    Well, sorry this is a bit late, I couldn't got onto the forums yesterday because, according to my computer, 'the server was not responding...' Anyway, yesterday's winner was Lucario Wish123, with this entry: The following picture features Captain Falcon(again...) and Peach. Get...
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    The SSBB Caption Contest

    Well, we have our first two time winner... Congratulations to Fire Type Lover If anyone hadn't noticed, I've been updating the OP with a leaderboard. Our next picture which will run until January 5 features Wario, Pikachu and Kirby! Now, go for it, let loose your captioning minds!
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    The SSBB Caption Contest

    Hmmm, only two entries... Makes it easy for me to choose a winner, but hard to see the future of this game... Anyway, the winner was chihaya01 Hopefully DK can get this game back up and running, with his attempt to scare Captain Falcon! (yes, it's him again) Have your captions...
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    The SSBB Caption Contest

    Well, the forums are stuffing up (lag) and I have no patience, so this post will look a little dodgy, and I'll probably edit the OP tomorrow... The winner of the last contest was Extreme Floatzel! Now this time, our picture features 2 Ganondorfs, 1 being punched where no man enjoys it...
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    The SSBB Caption Contest

    Well here we are, Christmas Eve... that means another contest is done. This time, the winner was Lucario Wish123 Now for another picture... This one contains 3 Captain Falcons, who happens to be my favourite character... (inb4 millions of manly PMs) Have the captions in before Monday...
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    The Internet Meme Game

    Tatertots are ver... DR. OCTAGONAPUSS! BLARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The question is, or at least was, or will be one day, thought I don't know when, go ask Jim over there when, but anyway, back to the question, it is, 'To Be, Or Not To Be?' That is the question, as I have said.
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    The SSBB Caption Contest

    Today happens to be Tuesday, at least in Australia it is, so I'll start another contest now, but first the winner from the Toon Link/ Lucas picture is octoboy That makes the current points... FireTypeLover 1 octoboy 1 Now I have a picture of Pikachu throwing an Electrode at R.O.B...
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    The SSBB Caption Contest

    OK, it seems as if a week is a bit too long, so I'll end the current contest right here and start a new one, with a timespan of 3 days. With that said, the winner from Monday's contest is... FireTypeLover Now for the next contest, #2. This time we have Toon Link and Lucas! Entries...
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    The Fourth Wall game.

    The assassins assassinate themself. I open the Fourth Wall and find myself...
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    This or that

    House Salad with no dressing. Mewtwo or Mewthree.
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    The never ending cheat (Origonal idea by rodent 306)

    Yell out 'COD is stupid!' 'Get a life you COD losers!' To avoid getting bashed you must...
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    Corrupted Wish Game 3.0

    It isn't, but using the internet is. I wish my friend would understand that I'm not gay.
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    The Fail/Win! Game.

    You win for having a non alpha-numerical character in your post!
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    The SSBB Caption Contest

    Game ended because I don't have the needed time and effort to continue it. Thanks for playing everyone that did. If anyone would like to start the game up again PM me. Welcome to my (not so) new game, the Super Smash Bros Brawl Caption Contest! If you are looking for the Pokémon...
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    The never ending cheat (Origonal idea by rodent 306)

    Reveals itself to be the only Pokémon character in the next Super Smash Bros. Game. Celebi will warp you to the future, meaning you have to play as Chillarmy in Super Smash Bros 4. Using Chillarmy you have to defeat Master Hand and Crazy Hand to advance to...
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    Count to 100 before a mod posts!

    52... *10 years later* 99... Mod: 100, lol
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    Count to 100 before a mod posts!

    52... *10 years later* 99... Mod: 100, lol
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    Official Claim a Pokemon Thread (( Version 5.5 )) ✣ REOPENING SOON. STAY TUNED.

    Urugamosu --- Arceusandthejeweloflife --- December 7, 2010
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    Do you still plan to Catch Em All?

    I've caught them all in HGSS, so all I'll be needing to do is PokéShift then catch the 156 newbies.