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    You are obsessed With Pokemon When...V.4

    when you tell you try to teach your cat payday
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    first pokemon you EVER caught

    i played the first everrrr pokemon game i caught a rattata
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    What's your favorite Pokemon/Type?

    my favorute is pikachuu has been since the first series ever camee out :D and fav type is thuunderrr/fire
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    starter pokemon :)

    fire-butterfly that shots fireballs :D water-kangaroo with fins lol that sounds werid.. grass-giraffe :D
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    Endless's Member Art Thread =D

    oioioi ;] meee okay hair; orangeeee eyes; green gender; female wearing; I WANT A PIKACHU SUIT like this rubstarrrr <a href="http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/I/31PIALOU1zL._AA280_.jpg">CLICKKKK</a> pokemon; 2 pikachus characters; noo any other details; me huggin one pikachu and...
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    The Dear_______ game

    Dear Cavan_II get more cavans Next word: harajuku
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    Sailor moon club

    hiiiiiiiiiii :D can i join this? i want to join because salior moon was really good and i love the anime (: im really sad its over D:
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    The Official Harry Potter Club

    eep can i join this?