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    Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

    I didn't read through 31 pages worth of stuff, so I'll probably be repeating many people when I say this: I think there is HIGH doubt that the US will keep these names. People will throw a veritible Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea fit. Dark and Light, perhaps.
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    ~ Official Pokémon Platinum Discussion Thread 2 ~ (READ 1ST POST OR ELSE)

    Well, it looks like Japan is getting their Wild Shaymin in a couple of months. You know what that means! There'll be quite a few people furiously soft resetting for the pretty teal-colored one. I know I would be. |3
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    What are You Going to do Different?

    I'm going to soft reset for a shiny Giratina, and trade some of my low level shinies from Pearl so I can 'grow' with a partially shiny team. :3
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    TRU Regigigas - Highest Attack?

    I just received my Regigigas today, and I'm currently resetting for one that has a really high attack. I'm deliberating keeping a Naughty one that has an attack of 390. So here is my question to you - what is the highest attack power that you have gotten for the TRU Regigigas?
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    DP Shiny Discussion and FAQ [Read all of first post if you don't want an infraction]

    So I tried chaining Growlithe, but I ran into a Sentret instead, so I was like, what the heck, I don't see a lot of people chaining these, so I go ahead with it. The first chain broke early, so eh, try again for Growlithe, but I hit Sentret again. I fly through the chain and get 25 in the span...
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    Catching Shiny Pokémon with the Pokéradar - READ FIRST POST

    Suicide over some pixels? Suure. Just try again. All chains break for a reason.
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    Catching Shiny Pokémon with the Pokéradar - READ FIRST POST

    After about two weeks of fruitless chains that broke under 20, I was finally able to take my Nidoran Male chain high enough to encounter a shiny, at 39. I was just too afraid of breaking the chain at that point, that I just started resetting then. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that...
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    Official Diamond/Pearl Shiny Discussion - V5.0?

    I would definitely say that it would be easier to chain it. I recently chained a whole bunch of Weedle, and they have the same encounter rate. It might take a little while to find one, but it is infinitely easier on me and my patience than to hatch a million eggs. ^^; *shakes fist at her boxes...
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    Official Diamond/Pearl Shiny Discussion - V5.0?

    Why are you SRing for a shiny Budew? Chaining them is so much easier. (I'm not a very patient person) Also, why is everyone talking about shiny pokemon they encountered on games OTHER than Diamond and Pearl? >.> To stay (somewhat) on topic, I will hopefully be getting a shiny Pinsir in...
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    Official Diamond/Pearl Shiny Discussion - V5.0?

    Bleh, nasty spam. Let's bump it off, shall we... I was working at the chain of Weedle I've been working on all weekend, and got to my first shiny at 39. I stopped making the chain higher after that, and just kept resetting. It took a while between shinies, but 3 more appeared in the span of...
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    Official Diamond/Pearl Shiny Discussion - V5.0?

    The only time that breeding a shiny has had more of a chance of making shiny babies was Gold/Silver. They stopped that in Ruby and Sapphire, making it the normal 1/8126 odds. Which is why we are a little confused at your explanation.
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    Official Diamond/Pearl Shiny Discussion - V5.0?

    SECOND RANDOM ENCOUNTER!! So I'm in Route 204 south, playing on my brand new Ice Blue DS lite that I got for my birthday (retiring my lovely old fat blue DS T_T), trying to find a Weedle to chain. I was lucky enough to find a Weedle rather quickly--and breaking the chain rather quickly as...
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    Shipping Picture Thread

    Ah, Puzzleshipping, how I love you so. I wish I knew how to embed the picture. None of the photobucket tags worked.
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    "What's This Ship Called?"

    Aw, heck no. I was just curious if it had been named. You thought of it first, its yours. I would have given it a stupid name anyway. XD edit: Now I see what you meant in 'claiming' them (sorry, new to the shipping threads). I wasn't even thinking about claiming them. Feel free. :3
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    "What's This Ship Called?"

    Haha, that sounds absolutely perfect! :D
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    "What's This Ship Called?"

    I looked all through the shipping list, and I have yet to see it. Has the ship for Jun x Ash been named yet? >:3
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    Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

    I think the answer is unanimous (what would you expect from a pokemon forum?). I plan to reset for a shiny Giratina. I would be well on my way to collecting all of the blue shiny pokemon. :3
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    Shield With A Twist! (570)

    I'm really looking forward to Jun joining their group for a while. Since Dawn's Piplup shows no signs of evolving yet, I will love to have lots of Empoleon screen time. I was dissapointed with the lack of Blaziken in Hoenn; Empoleon will be the next best thing. <3 I also concur with whoever...
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    New Platinum Wi-Fi Giveaway (Magazine Scan)

    Well then, it seems we're actually going to be seeing some legit shiny Darkrai floating around soon. :3
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    Like anime subbed or dubbed? ~ Where the concept of Uncut DVDs still hasn't sank in.

    In some cases, I do prefer the japanese compared to the english. But ONLY after I've watched the majority of the series in both languages. Sometimes, it takes a while for english voice actors to grow into their roles; easily, the best example of this are the new VA's for Pokemon. When they first...