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    Rainbow's Trainer Card Shop! Please request!

    thanx for the TC
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    Do you think Legendaries are Cheap?

    if you think ledgendarys are cheap you have got another thing comming. some ledgendarys are powerful eg. attack deoxys if you think that uber pokemon are cheap then your probbly cheap
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    The best sort of pokemon

    thats because suicune is a rubbish uber and mainy people cosidder "ubers" you can use in the BF eg the 3 dogs, the 3 birds, ect to be rares. ubers are somehow conciderd to be pokemon not alowed in the BF. i fide sucune to be rubbish.
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    The best sort of pokemon

    i chose both. take my BF team salamence, latias, metagross/pinsir, ect. and latias is probably the most importanl part along with salamence. as stated depends on taste and team quality
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    The best sort of pokemon

    what are the best sort of pokemon ;249;or;039;???? thats what i want to find out. personly i chose both as some non-uber pokemon are supercharged. also some uber pokemon are supercharged. as i'v been browsing the forums i have seen people being racist to uber/non uber pokemon. why...
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    Rainbow's Trainer Card Shop! Please request!

    tc Hi can I have standard template with these pokemon: 1 lugia, 2 deoxys attack, 3 shiny rayquaza, 4 salamence, 5 tyranatar, 6 dragonight Background: can i have the one you used for slicing pokemon next to trainer: shiny charzard Trainer name: Callum Trainer: lance ty
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    the hardest to catch pokemon

    febas is hard to find but easy to catch
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    if you could have a pokemon power what would it be?

    transform then i could have any poke power
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    the hardest to catch pokemon

    whats the most hardest to catch pokemon. i think its febas because he is (in my opinion) the hardest to find pokemon.
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    Worst Pokemon Ever Face-Off

    blissy and moltres
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    The best pokemon team.

    sorry my mistake. salamence is my phisical sweaper i sometimes change my pokemon around eg. amalido for matagross/pinsir(KO)/starmie/heracross/gyarados, ect it realy gos down to faviroute stat, stat balance, frountear brain, ect any other teams/sugestions
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    The best pokemon team.

    my team has all round good stats with salamence being the balenced attacker, amaldo the attaker with 189 atk and latias the defender(also has the best moves) all of these are lv50
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    Official New Pokemon Discussion II

    the time and space pokemon seem the best
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    The best pokemon team.

    What is the best pokemon team? thats my question. I have a good team for the battle frontear in order it is;373; ;380; ;348; have you got better post your suggestions and teams
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    Are there any pokemon you wish you could kill?

    febas as its so hard to catch. and also i would kill tenticool.