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    Down to the Fiery Finish (934)

    Episode airs at 6:55PM JT. US Airtimes: PT: 2:55AM MT: 3:55AM CT: 4:55AM ET: 5:55AM
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    Aug 18th: XY&Z038 - Kalos League Victory! Ash's Ultimate Match!!

    My bad, the episode airs at 7 PM JST. Converted: PST: 3:00am MST: 4:00am CST: 5:00am EST: 6:00am So we have 7 hours to go.
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    Aug 18th: XY&Z038 - Kalos League Victory! Ash's Ultimate Match!!

    What time does the episode air?
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    Electric Soldier Porygon! (038)

    Actually, this episode is my favorite...the plot is very...different from any other episode. It's a shame it's banned, though.
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    The Legend of Dratini! (035)

    4Kids didn't ban the episode. One of the voice actors said that the Dratini and Porygon episodes DID get dubbed, but didn't get broadcasted for different reasons: 1. The networks wouldn't let them air the Dratini episode because of the violence. 2. Nintendo wouldn't let them air the Porygon...
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    Ash's Father (Revisited)

    Sorry to bump up an old thread, but Ash's father is just a random guy. Back in the late 90s, when the anime was still "new", the chief writer, Takeshi Shudo, wrote a novelization, titled "Pocket Monsters: The Animation". It greatly expands on the anime, and gives us some info about Ash's father...
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    [Poll] Do you think Ash will win Kalos league ?

    I really think the Sinnoh League ending was kind of out of the blue. Why did Tobias have Legendary Pokémon? The Darkrai was just coming off as "welp, he reached the final 4, time to make him lose again!". This time, he's in the FINALS. Odds are pretty good he'll win.
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    Best Legendary battle theme? (Kanto edition)

    I'm going to do other pools like this with each of the main regions. Mew's theme wins this, no contest.;151;
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    I finally read the Attack of Mewtwo duology

    Oh dear Arceus, it's hilariously bad.
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    Pokemon Orange: Indigo League (original, script version - CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN)

    Currently rewriting this in non-script form and making it less...nonsenical, and to tie in with other projects. It's basically a dead version. Just be warned: It's really, really bad compared to my newer projects. Missingno. Master was nice enough to let me borrow it. ;172; POKEMON ORANGE...