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  1. K

    Who is funding Ash's journey?

    His mom doesn't seem to work. Did his mysterious father leave behind a lot of money?
  2. K

    Anybody else notice how the female companion keeps getting less and less "empowered"?

    To clarify, when I say "stereotypical girlishness" I am not referring to all feminine attributes whatsoever. I was referring to OLDER feminine stereotypes that were common decades ago but have since been seen as outdated. Although Misty and Serena both have feminine attributes the fact is that...
  3. K

    Anybody else notice how the female companion keeps getting less and less "empowered"?

    Ignoring your nasty comment, I never used Dawn's skirt as an argument. I said she wears traditional dresses at contests. Additional evidence against Dawn would be that she dresses up as a cheerleader for Ash and only captured "cute" little Pokemon.
  4. K

    Anybody else notice how the female companion keeps getting less and less "empowered"?

    I guess to each his (or her) own, but I still am not convinced that I'm simply imagining a general progression from less to more stereotypical girlishness.
  5. K

    Anybody else notice how the female companion keeps getting less and less "empowered"?

    Misty: strong-willed person who is a gym leader. May: acts silly and is into contests not gym battles Dawn: not only is she into contests but she wears traditional dresses Iris: has a strong will but is terrible at battles and is just handed a Dragonite Serena: is into baking and...
  6. K

    Most ridiculous sounding Pokemon in the anime

    Was there anything worse than Ludicolo?
  7. K

    So when is Ash's birthday?

    In my previous thread that got locked I said Ash's birthday based on the novelization was May 22. In response I was told that the show said he started on his birthday. I see no evidence that is the case. In the first episode, during the night before he started his journey, Ash says he already...
  8. K

    Today is (not) Ash's 30th birthday!

    Its from the novelization.
  9. K

    Today is (not) Ash's 30th birthday!

    He started his journey 10 years, 10 months, and 10 days after he was born which means if he started on April 1, 1997 he was born on May 22, 1986. Happy birthday Ash! You're really old!
  10. K

    How much longer should Ash be the protagonist?

    They just need to give Ash his Kanto personality back.
  11. K

    Anybody else really annoyed how they changed James's line?

    Its just the needless capitulation to PC that annoys me. Like someone actually thought this was some sort of threat to the show. "Peoples" sounds far more eloquent than "people".
  12. K

    Anybody else really annoyed how they changed James's line?

    They changed it from "to unite all peoples within our nation" to "to unite all people within our nation". But why? I suspect that someone thought that "peoples" sounded racial while "people" didn't. In any case I find the change incredibly annoying and unjustified.
  13. K

    Rank the regions from best to worst

    In terms of people behaving like normal human beings Kanto is clearly superior. You really get the feeling that the characters are normal in every respect except for being in a cartoon and what that entails. Kalos feels like cartoon characters in a cartoon. Compare Brock and his breeding to...
  14. K

    Should they bring Brock back?

    Am I the only one who wants to bring back Brock?
  15. K

    Rank the regions from best to worst

    Regarding Kalos, I just find it to be unwatchable. I really did try to get into it, I watched all the previous episodes of Pokemon in a brief time before it aired and liked everything except Unova. For some reason Kalos comes off as unusually childish to me. In Kanto even though it was a cartoon...
  16. K

    How many trainers are there in the world?

    There can't be that many judging by the size of the various leagues.
  17. K

    Rank the regions from best to worst

    Pretty sure this has been done before, but not recently. My list: Kanto Sinnoh Hoenn Unova Johto Kalos
  18. K

    Favorite female villain

    Who is your favorite female villain?
  19. K

    The Mandarin island Miss-Match! (101)

    Is it true this episode has been blacklisted because of Jynx? It's missing from the Pokemon TV lineup.
  20. K

    Wherefore At Thou Pok?mon? (102)

    Sorry, but I laughed so hard when the cute Nidoran evolved into those ugly Nidorino(a). Really should of held the B button guys.