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    Pikachu or Pachirisu

    Pikachu, definitely. But I haven't seen any anime episodes with Pachirisu so I could be biased.
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    Which set of starters is your favourite?

    GSC ones. 10chars.
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    It's a poll!

    Tropious. First class dining. ;)
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    Pokemon "cheaters"

    What you do in your own game is nobody's business but yours, and people really don't have a right to judge it because it doesn't affect them. If you were talking about hacking in an MMORPG it'd be an entirely different matter. I do however support the rules of "real" Pokemon on the Wi-Fi, and...
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    Zessibelle's PokéArt

    Your fusions are really cool and original! You've mixed some of my favourite Pokemon such as Altaria & Rapidash / Flygon & Rapidash. :3 And I love the Ponyta with Wings. I like most of the Torterra / Shaymin fusions although Rapidash & Dewgong is a bit... odd.
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    That's very adorable! Surskit's a Pokemon you barely ever see fanart of. :3 The shading on the ice's great, and the colours of the sun makes it look just right for the kind of pale light it gets in winter.
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    Retardified Dialga and Heatran

    I love Heatran's :)-face. He reminds me of a Quagsire in toad-shape... set on fire. Ya, I'm not sure where I was going with this either. I can just imgine his tail wagging. Dialga looks like a very proud soldier. He's standing up for his beliefs! (or lack of the same.)
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    Poke'mon Keybladers!

    I like these a lot. Albeit not 100% perfect, the ideas are very original and refreshing. :) I can't wait to see more.
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    You as a Pokemon

    Mine: Name: Ashera Type: Fire Ability: Levitate (overpowered lol) She jumps a lot and only walks on the top of her threadpads. Item: Leftovers (om nom nom nom) Attacks: Flamethrower, Nasty Plot, Recover, Earthquake Enviroment: Oasis in deserts. Description: A tiger woman that walks on two...
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    Pokemon LOLs

    That's what I was gonna say. Nobody can legitly claim to be offended about what we find funny in Pokemon. It's been mentioned before, but I also find Wailord's sprite amusing.
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    I nickname most of the Pokemon I intend to train. I once did something as original to name a Cherrim "Sakura" >_> But then I realized that both the pokemon and the name kinda sucked.
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    "I use my pokemon because they're my FAVORITES." ... o_O

    Let's make one thing clear here : We're talking about pixels. :3 Besides, what do you ( OP ) care what kind of Pokemon people use? If they don't focus on stats in WiFi battles they're gonna get their butts kicked, but that just makes it easier for those that spend a lot of time breeding...
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    Pokemon LOLs

    Oh God, that nearly made me spit out my Pepsi.
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    My Art

    They're not bad but it does seem like you just copy&pasted premade sprites onto eachother without making them yourself. Also, never ever save sprites as JPG - if you've only got MS Paint to work with, save it as PNG. The modded trainers aren't awful either but they could use some highlighting.
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    Shiny_arceus's fusion shop.

    Could you at least say WHY they're horrible? Give the artist something to work with, y'know? :S I like the Marowak / Pachirisu fusion. If its evolution looked like that, I'd probably train. And oh God, the Hippodactyl made me laugh 'cause I imagined how I'd feel if I had something like that...
  16. E


    Uh yeah, I don't think anyone takes it that seriously but yourself, captain.
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    Pokémon: No Children Allowed

    Haha, I love the latest one. I like your colouring and you're good at drawing hands.
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    Double P's Works

    I agree with Meh that the fusions, as crisp-clear as the sprite work is, just look unnatural. I love the Swellov avatar... And the Spongebob Flygonpants. XD
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    my first region =D

    I, too, like your recent art a lot better. Platylag is very cute. XD
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    Something new

    I like the way you made the Ditto look - more slimy and blubbery. XD I agree with Psychic that you could use some practice with the shading. Try to draw a very simple sun in your image that you can delete afterwards just so you have one solid source where the highlights will be coming from.