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  1. K

    Official Anime Picture Caption Thread

    Happiny: You have no right to wear clothing as good as me, take those rags off before I call the Fashion Police.
  2. K

    Naruto Club v2

    Yay, hopefully Canada gets episode 53 instead of the stupid clip show tonight...my eyes are soda, yo! p.s. KANNNNNNNNATTAAAAAAAA!!!! FTW! BOOYAH! No clip shows for us!
  3. K

    Naruto Club v2

    Last night's episode was a hoot! That Ebisu plot was so hilarious, but the best part of the entire episode - was the "water walking" sequence...I just knew Naruto would fall into that hot spring! But finally...JIRAYA AND THE NEW OPENING NEXT WEEK!!!
  4. K

    StepMania/In The Groove Fanclub

    New Numa Rewrite (long version) I finally am now pumping out videos again, got new screen recorder too! (Windows Media Encoder)
  5. K

    The Official Konjiki no Gash Bell! Fanclub

    New topic: Which of the new 4th Generation Pokemon would have made better Mamodo material than a Pokemon?
  6. K

    Official Pokemon D&P Opening and Ending Discussion Thread

    Think anyone could get me some misheard "fake" lyrics to this song? I could make a good Animutation out of it!
  7. K

    The Official Name Talk of the 4th Generation Pokemon

    Here are some good names: Jibacoil=Magnabot Mojanbo=Tentaca Elekible=Electrashok Buuburn=Magman Perap=Paratune Mitsuhoney=Hunibee Beequeen=(keep the name) Rozureido=Roselido Etebossu=Aipad Bippa=Beavor Biidaru=Beavorse Masukippa=Venoose (pun on "Venus" as in Venus Fly Trap)...
  8. K

    Naruto Club v2

    Oh yeah, also to celebrate: NEW SIG TIME FOR ME TOO!
  9. K

    Naruto Club v2

    They didn't dub it, they actually used it (well, from what I heard they added in some new scenes), but still .............. BOOYAH!!! But still, to celebrate, here's a flash movie I found that uses the song in question... Enjoy...it doesn't have Naruto but it does have ninjas in it!
  10. K

    Naruto Club v2

    HAKURA KANATA?!?!?! OMG! Booyah! YEAH! My eyes are soda, yo! Totoro was so tough, he could eat a guitar! He'd kick your set around. Go to your guitars... Stab Yamato-Saannnnnn!!!!
  11. K

    Naruto Club v2

    Of course, the best parts of last night were... - Naruto pooting in Kiba's face... - Neji vs. Hinata (pushed to the limit!) - Rock Lee vs. Gaara, and the "pre-game show" of that episode! Oh yeah, I made a YTMND with some Naruto related stuff! http://narutospinrave.ytmnd.com/
  12. K

    Bleach #04 - The Cursed Parakeet (talkback)

    Oh yeah, I couldn't find the dubtitle earlier, but it's "And Your Bird Can Speak"
  13. K

    Bleach #04 - The Cursed Parakeet (talkback)

    Sorry, no witty leekspin jokes this week, almost forgot to do talkbacks at all (with only 3 minutes to spare!) Catch it today at 10:30 on YTV, tommorow at 12:30 on AS. Today, we deal with birds, of the cursed variety... Enjoy...
  14. K

    Naruto Club v2

    w00t! YTV has a 2 hour Naruto marathon tonight! I hope all 4 episodes are new, because if it is, we're going to finally be at what has been dubbed "the best part of the entire series!"
  15. K

    Bleach #3 Talkback "Sibling Rivalry"

    Yaa tsi tsup ari dik ari dull an dik ari dill an dits tan dool...I mean last week on Bleach, we had spinning leeks...I mean Ichigo's first experience with the TRUE power of a Hollow, Rukia making a sneaky entry as a transfer student, and Orihime spinning around a Leek...I mean..sometimes maybe...
  16. K

    Bleach #02 - "Pay or Play" Talkback

    We always have talkback threads here, and we always make them before the episode come out! We're not just a Pokemon forum you know...
  17. K

    The Official Bleach FanClub

    Dub Episode Numero Deux tonight...can't wait! *goes back to staring at Leekspin*
  18. K

    Bleach #02 - "Pay or Play" Talkback

    Last time, Ichigo became a soul reaper! (that's good!) But, Rukia lost her powers! (that's bad!) But at least Ichigo is good (that's good!) Today, Ichigo "really" finds out the power of a Hollow...(that's bad!) But at least the dubbing has been good (that's good!), but what they don't do good...
  19. K

    Naruto Club v2

    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/338745 This is all I have to say...Naruto Collab anyone?
  20. K

    Bleach Talkback: #01 - A Shinigami is Born!

    Yes, it is on TV, that's what we be refering to!