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    What eon are you?

  2. X


    I think Eevee is only obtainable after you complete the E4 challenge + get the National Dex
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    Which out of these grass types is best?

    I've been using Roserade and it's done wonders.
  4. X

    Gardevoir OR Lucario?

    Lucario is my preference.I'm using it in my Diamond import and t's doing great things for me.
  5. X

    Ball seal hint

    I do it but simply only out of habit... I don't believe it actually works
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    Gardevoir in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

    I really don't see it happening. Again,as a Pokeball PKMN,yes Gardy could possibly make it. As a full playable character,no.That's just fan-wishful thinking. I believe in order to make it as a fully playable character a PKMN needs to be notorious in both gameplay and anime. Gardevoir...
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    Favorite Kanto Starter Pokemon?

    Ohh Bulbasaur <3
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    Favorite Ice Pokemon

    Articuno,Lapras,Sneasel,Snorunt,Weavile and Glaceon
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    Luxray or Ampharos?

    Personally I would choose Luxray. I'm using right now in my imported game and it's really impressive.
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    Favorite Grass/Poison Pokemon?

    Bulbasaur all the way
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    A Pudding you like! :x

    I wouldn't use any of them but I would say Ditto.
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    Glaceon or Leafeon?

    Leafeon appeals to me more than Glaceon does. And I love the Carbuncle-ish look of Leafy
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    Favorite Bug?

    If I had to choose between the "triplets" I would go with Butterfree... However,Scizor still runs s**t!
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    The best dark pokemon

    Umbreon appeals to me the most.
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    Gaining EXP.

    Pre-Elite 4 where is the best place to go to get some valuable experience to raise my pkmn's level?
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    Favorite Ancientpower evolver?

    Mammoswine...the others are too dull for my taste.
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    Roserade Or Bellossom?

    I'm using Roserade in D/P at the moment and it's really impressed me.
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    Quick in-game help.

    So Riolu ( Lucario pre-evo ) has finally hatched from his egg and I'm wondering what's the most effective way possible to get it to evolve.preferebly before/at Level 19.
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    Claim your favourite p?kemon!

    Too difficult to pick JUST one.