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    Favorite Pokemon Youtubers?

    Hey it would be awesome if you could all go and Subscribe to my Channel, If you do message me and I will be sure to Subscribe back, I post some pretty cool videos such as Pack Openings and some Black/White 2 Videos, Call of Duty, & Much more!! Please Subscribe it would be amazing...
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    #647 Keldeo

    I need a Keldeo.
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    Your favourite music.

    My favorite bands are and my favorite song* (If I have one) -Of Mice & Men (The Depths) -Slipknot (Psychosocial) -Motley Crue (Shout at the Devil) -Ghost (Monstrance Clock) -All Time Low (A Love Like War) -Metallica (For Whom the Bell Tolls) -Volbeat (Heaven Nor Hell) -Stone Sour...
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    #385 Jirachi

    I need a Jirachi, Someone help me out!!
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    #179 Mareep / #180 Flaaffy / #181 Ampharos

    I have a level 52 Ampharos.
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    #649 Genesect

    I'm looking for a Genesect so I have a variety of trades up.
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    #494 Victini

    I doubt you still need a Pignite or Emboar but I need a Victini so.... yeah.
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    #501 Oshawott / #502 Dewott / #503 Samurott

    I need an Oshawott. I can trade Any Gen I, Gen II, Gen III (Except Mudip) Gen IV, & Gen V (Except Oshawott) Starter. I have other stuff too!!
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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    -Why does Diglett Evolve into Dugtrio, Is the even necessary? -Why can't you run without running shoes? -How can you just stop a Pokemon's Evolution? -Why can't Pokemon die?
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    When you were young, what was the FIRST video game console you had in your house?

    The 1st Console I ever had was a Nintedo 64 or N64.
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    Any body still playing these games?

    I just started playing SoulSilver again after being off for a few months, I'm trying to get my Pokédex up to 350-420. I have 320 right now :D
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    Favorite TCG set?

    It's hard to tell what my favorite Pokémon TCG set is, I have a few that I like such as Dark Explorers because Venusaur returned to the TCG, I also like the Base Set because of Charizard, Honestly though I think my favorite set is Boundaries Crossed because of the Computer Search & Gold Potion...
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    Have an idea for a deck but don't have a decklist? Click here!

    I have a Shaymin EX/ Genesect (BW Promo 99) Deck, It works decently well, I recently bought Ian whiton's World Championship Deck and I really like the Accelgor in it, I have no idea what to make a deck around. I need ideas. I have a 60 Card Grass Deck which kinda sucks, I mainly use...
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    Shaymin EX/Genesect

    Hey guys, It's Chad "Mr. Boom" Boomgaarn and I will be posting my Grass Deck List (Shaymin EX/Genesct) Okay, So here we go. Pokémon x2 Eevee [Plasma Freeze] x2 Leafeon [Plasma Freeze] (Deluge, Flame Fandago, Other Energy attaching counters) x2 Tropious [Plasma Blast] (Mewtwo EX counter) x2...
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    Build-a-Mon factory

    PKMN:Scarrom Type:Fire/Dark Stats Hitpoints:200 Attack:186 Defence:201 Sp. Attack:150 Sp. Defence:200 Speed:173 Moves:Flaming Dark Claw, Black Hole Flamethrower, Darkness Blitz, Fiery Dark Bomb Ability:Blazing Shadow -Both Fire and Darkness Attacks are 80% more powerful when against PKMN...
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    Team Flare

    (Not Anime related) I hope that in a future XY Expansion we get Team Flare PKMN like with Team Plasma at the end of Black & White. Imagine a card with a "Flare Red" border that would look extremely cool, Wouldn't it?
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    Grass-Type Pokemon Club

    Username:ChadBoomgaarn Favorite Thing About Grass Types:Grass Types are the best for working together with each other. PO, PS, or WiFi?:WiFi PO, PS, or WiFi name and FC:ChadBomgaarn
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    Grass-Type Pokemon Club

    I want to join, Can you please help me join?
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    Stupid, Funny, Interesting, Weird, Uncommon and Unobvious Pokemon Facts

    Yea thats crazy. I don't even damn thats insane.
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    have tcgo codes that are unwanted. who wants

    I would like some TCGO codes please.